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Letter: China offers good lessons for education system

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Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2014 4:30 pm

I have read, in letter to editor sections, of Arizonans frustrated with our quality of education. It can be improved, especially in the elementary school level, the formative years.

How about if we learn from the Chinese? They do visual perceptual drills, in their elementary schools, for 15 minutes a day on training the seven visual or seeing skills. With proper fundamentals their children can practice efficiently to track or scan, do correct eye teaming, expand peripheral awareness, exercise near-far flexibility, visual imagery plus memory, spacial awareness, and eyesight. The idea is to read, do math and science efficiently (perfect performance with the least amount of time and energy) because they can trust what they see efficiently first, since light information starts through the eyes first — goes to the brain efficiently or inefficiently (from the eye skills) — back through the eyes to the big muscles for performance. How are the Chinese youngsters completing high school, college and competing in the new global economy? Ask the former CEO of Intel, Craig Barrett?

We should be developing abilities and not have names for excuses of non-learning. The idea is to read, write and do arithmetic easy with easy seeing so learning is easy, productive and fun. Boot camp for the job force starts in grades kindergarten through sixth grade, the formative years. We can do better! It will bring more jobs, colleges, more Arizonan college graduates, and higher wage owners to Arizona. It will improve public education again. Charter schools or private schools, paid by tax payers, is not the answer.

Dr. Jeff Eger


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