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Letter: Passing ‘Fair Tax’ America’s only option

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Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 2:07 pm

Capitalism or socialism in america. which shall it be? All the signs are there. Our nation is rapidly moving towards socialism. Americans on some form of welfare outnumber the number of workers. National healthcare is upon us and the middle class is being destroyed. The unemployment rate is reported to be 7.2 percent but the real number is in the range of 15 percent. We are becoming a nation of part time workers. Our national debt is a disaster waiting to happen. Perhaps this is what our President had in mind when he said “I want to fundamentally transform America”.

I am old enough to remember what capitalism was like in America in the 1950’s. The unemployment rate was about 4 percent. America manufactured most of what the rest of the world wanted and needed. Detroit was booming. All of the automotive parts that went into an automobile were manufactured in the U.S. Now Detroit is nothing more than an automotive assembly plant. All of the parts that go into automobiles produced in Detroit are imported. In the 1950s all of the clothing in a department store had a “Made in the USA” label on it.

Now clothing items are imported. Manufacturing jobs were plentiful. These were full time jobs that paid well enough so that a family could be supported. We have lost our manufacturing base in America. Our educational system was the best in the world. Now we rank near the bottom. It is as though our politicians, over the last 6 decades, have systematically replaced what worked with what sounded good.

Passage of the Fair Tax would go a long way tow! ards reversing this trend. The Fair Tax would also bring our manufacturing base back to America creating millions of high paying manufacturing jobs. So which of the two Americas would you like to live in?

Milton Cormier

Sun Lakes

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