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Letter: Where does the buck stop?

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Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 4:45 am

Just got through watching another of President Obama’s dog and pony shows on the TV. As usual, his administration was blameless. The VA scandal was all George Bush’s fault. Too many wounded warriors were showing up for their “promised” VA healthcare. Congress was at fault too. Even though he knew of the VA’s “gaming” of the vet’s appointments back in 2009, it still wasn’t his fault. Excuse after excuse, finger pointing after finger pointing, study after study, commission after commission and now President Obama’s right-hand man is going to “look into the situation and report to President Obama directly” so that he has a better picture of what he has known all along. When will we hear President Obama’s inevitable mea culpa “I am the President of the United States and the buck stops here”? He sounds like your PR-groomed, typical, slick, Chicago lawyer (oops, he was a Chicago lawyer ... lol).

Mr. President, just what does “the buck stops here” really mean? Are you going to fire anybody? Are you going to demote anyone? Are you going to resign the presidency due to your culpability? Are you as usual, Mr. President, going to rely on our liberal TV and newspaper media giving your yet another pass, another Washington, DC political monopoly game “get out of jail card” because of your politics and your race? To be brutally honest, who can blame them? Does anyone in America want Vice President Joe “Bite Me” Biden running amok in the oval office or anywhere near the nuclear “black bag”?

Leon Ceniceros


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