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Letter: Imagine if we stopped killing the animals

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Posted: Monday, May 12, 2014 4:00 pm

Imagine what would happen if the world’s religions began to condemn the morality of our indescribable, horrendous cruelty to animals. If theologians discussed this unspeakable cruelty, it would begin to diminish.

Even though all major religions claim compassion as a core virtue, nothing on morality as it relates to animals comes from the pulpit. If there is a God, and God creates sentient beings, then this Creator must be a God of love, kindness, and compassion for all sentient creation. The fact that this must apply to all creation seems to have eluded most religious people. In truth, religion is a leading factor in perpetuating cruelty to animals simply by its ignoring the subject. Condoning such cruelty has exemplified it.

Our cruelty to animals is mind boggling. Our power over animals is absolute. They live at the mercy of mankind, yet mankind has no mercy.

Fifteen million warm-blooded animals worldwide are tortured daily in laboratories, 20 billion farm animals are slaughtered annually for our appetites, 350,000 baby seals have been clubbed for fur, two million dogs and cats are skinned for fur annually, 19,000 greyhounds have been discarded, over 100 million wild animals have been killed by hunters, and 10,000 bulls have been killed for bullfights. Eighteen foxes or 55 minks must be killed per fur coat. The skin of unborn calves and lambs is luxurious, and kid goats are boiled alive just for gloves—this is a fraction of mankind’s dominion.

Consider meatless Mondays. Report any abuse and neglect.

Kimberly Miller

Fountain Hills


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