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Letters: Main Street America not impressed by all this bluster

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Posted: Monday, October 17, 2011 4:14 pm

Well the Newspaper media and TV News people struck out with two new “almost” major events. The Iran-Mexican Drug Cartel-Saudi Arabian Ambassador assassination “story” which quickly became a “bed time” story everywhere but on MSNBC. This “bedtime story” was dropped quicker than a hot potato even by Obama Newspaper mouthpieces like the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and the Washington Post. Vice-President Joe Biden couldn’t be persuaded to go out on a limb for Obama on this one.

The second event that ended up being a “non-starter” was the Occupy Wall Street protests. Thousands in NYC, same for Boston, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco and no one cared. When CNN, ABC, CNBC and MSNBC first showed the freaky anarchists and street entertainers all made-up in white Clown and Joker faces, Main Street Americans were turned off. Try as the Media might, the Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Unions, the odd Religious person could not give any legitimacy to this Mob.

MSNBC’S Reverend Al Sharpton tried to bring some TV focus back to the protests but to no avail. A pig wearing lipstick is still a pig. When Jesse Jackson doesn’t even show up to help his buddy, Al out, you know this Occupy Wall Street story is going nowhere.

Here in Chavez Park we saw these so-called “Protesters” in person. If they are so poor why do all of these Occupy Wall Street protesters have “cell phones with cameras”. If they are Wall Street “victims”,  then how can they afford to buy “Occupy Wall Street” t-shirts ?

Leon Ceniceros


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