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Friday 12/19/2014
Letter: Officers make arrests for crimes, not skin color
Posted: December 19, 2014

Well, it seems that President Obama and his attorney general are not the only liberals eager to throw white law enforcement officers “under the bus.” Yup, one of our very own recently came out publicly citing Arizona white law enforcement officers’ high black-American arrest statistics. Who should local law enforcement be arresting in our local inner-cities; Eskimos, Berber tribesmen, or Polynesians?

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Letter: The Gold Miner’s final resting place
Posted: December 19, 2014

There are a lot of myths and mysteries that pertain to the Southwest, in particular Arizona. None greater than the story of Jacob Waltz, the Lost Dutchman… in reality he was a German from Deutschland born around 1862. The story or legend goes on that the prospector (Waltz) would go into the Superstition Mountains and come out with saddle bags filled with gold. He would, with donkey in tow, mosey into Phoenix and sell his find, the same city where he breathed his last breath in 1891 and is buried in. The myth and the mystery continues into the 21st century and still no sign of a gold mine.

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Thursday 12/18/2014
Letter: Cannabis has many health benefits
Posted: December 18, 2014

Cannabis helps prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and many types of cancer. Cannabis is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory substances on the planet. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of many, if not most, of the diseases of the human body.

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Wednesday 12/17/2014
Letter: Enjoy current situation while you can
Posted: December 17, 2014

Kudos to President Obama for his energy policy that has resulted not only in the United States becoming a net exporter of petroleum products, but has also given us a major drop in oil prices with gasoline now selling for well under $2.50 a gallon. OPEC is reeling thanks to him!

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Thursday 12/11/2014
Letter: Uninformed voters not only thing that affected election
Posted: December 11, 2014

In Kathleen Murphy’s Inbox letter on Nov. 30, she’s correct that many stupid voters don’t do, or are too lazy to do, research. They get their info from “conservative TV or radio”? What about ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, HLN, MSNBC or “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”? Are they all conservative? I don’t think so.

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Wednesday 12/10/2014
Letter: Can Daryl Colvin salvage his term on GPS board?
Posted: December 10, 2014

Nothing has attracted more attention in Gilbert during the past two years than the antics of Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board member Daryl Colvin. Now that the dust has settled from the last election, the question is can Colvin be an effective member after the community resoundingly rejected his backed candidates, and by connection his policies.

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Monday 12/08/2014
Letter: Gosar’s behavior creates political logjams
Posted: December 08, 2014

Our congressman Paul Gosar could not wait for President Obama’s speech on immigration to be over before lashing out in a degrading diatribe against the president and attacking the dignity of undocumented immigrants.

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Thursday 12/04/2014
Letter: Turkey unfairly criticized in fight against ISIS
Posted: December 04, 2014

Sadly, media is full of headlines with false proclamations that Turkey is not only sitting idle and not helping, but go even further and accuse Turkey of allegedly funding and supporting ISIS. (Surely, similar accusations have surfaced against the U.S. and Israel, but mostly by fringe media in the West and anti-Western outlets in Russia and elsewhere).

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Wednesday 12/03/2014
Letter: American voters send mixed message in election
Posted: December 03, 2014

The letter from Mr. Murphy about stupid Americans was correct to an extent. Really stupid Americans are too dumb to vote. Our biggest problem is those who are willfully ignorant and too lazy to research anything. They get their information from conservative TV or radio, or simply vote the same way they have always voted — by party. That is why we had an election in which the Republicans won seats in Congress, but “liberal issues” such as higher minimum wage, background checks, reproductive rights and legalization of marijuana, among others, did pass. So it seems that American voters know what they want but don’t know who will give it to them.

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Tuesday 12/02/2014
Letter: Thank you, Gilbert, for listening to your residents
Posted: December 02, 2014

The residents along a quiet Gilbert residential street would like to thank the Gilbert Street Maintenance crew for quickly responding to a request for a pothole repair in the neighborhood. The irrigation pipe under the street seemed to have sprung a leak, because water bubbled out of a small hole whenever our neighborhood had an irrigation run. It started this last summer, and every time we had irrigation, it seemed to increase the hole size a little and produce more water and a bigger puddle.

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