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Lessons from the towers that fell

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Posted: Saturday, September 11, 2010 7:00 am | Updated: 2:44 pm, Mon Sep 16, 2013.

To pull back into reality, remember 9/11.

Remember explosive smoke and fire; the tumbling bodies; the collapse of the two, mortally wounded landmarks of America’s economic momentum; the rolling, white death; the stark fear on faces; the families left behind.

And now, in our nation’s current, political war, which is growing in ugliness, I frequently return to that day and feel the instant when truth became clear. America’s light burst free in that explosion of death, releasing precious patriotism and brotherhood, to sanctify us for at least a short time.

Now remember, leading up to that day, our enemies mocked America as they mock it now. Some voices are within our borders. They brazenly command, demand, our silence as they move to change our culture and our laws. They seek to shame what has made America great.

Nine years have brought us here, today, when our political wars are mimicking the crisis of that time. As surely as the two planes fatally struck the towers, our American roots are under attack; our foundation; steadying, grounding principles. First the towers; now our nation.

So much of the battle is toxic warfare, the scorning of time-tested values. The familiar list of targets are our governing bodies and the Constitution, law, religion, morals, integrity and traditional family values.

In defense of the above, there has been an amazing groundswell: the Tea Party movement, an astonishing surge of citizens to be remembered in history. Citizens from deep within our social structure have awakened to fight for our homeland. They come from every party, race and socio-economic level. They clearly represent this nation’s heart.

They, of course, are demonized and mocked by those who do not want Tea Party messages heard, who seek the collapse of this nation as we know it, who use a benign word to describe their intentions: “Change”.

And now, our media are damaged irreparably. They have abandoned principles that gave them life. Offering some small forthrightness is Fox News cable. Though imperfect in its craft, it offers far more than the old, corrupt media. Thus, it and its message carriers are hated. Time magazine issued a pathetic review of Glenn Beck’s massive Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Beck’s television popularity began on CNN. Today, on FOX, Beck is feared. Time’s writer David Von Drehle wrote: “He’s still rising as a catalyst, a crowd pleaser, a lightning rod, a windbag.” (Sept. 13, 2010)

Though Beck’s air time is inconvenient (2 p.m. Arizona time), I’ve watched to see why they ridicule. Unlike any other mainstream program, he’s revisiting America’s beginnings. He’s dusting off history, shaking it out to be viewed, while exposing dangerous or ignorant ideologues who seek to marginalize the importance of those founding principles. He is satiating America’s hunger for truth. Oh yes, Beck is mocked and his life is threatened.

I honor those who dare leave their homes on hot weekends and join the throngs to tell the world they will not bend to those who would further corrupt the centers of our governing bodies, our economic stability and fragile freedoms. They are our Paul Reveres.

Those who mock them with hate terms such as “racist” and “uneducated” intend to intimidate. They are treacherous attempts to twist wrong into right, wise into dumb, tolerance into a culture bomb.

East Valley neighbors, our freedom towers are under attack. Awaken and peacefully defend where you can. Combined, we will make a difference.

East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen (turleyhansen@gmail.com) is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

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