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Goodie: ‘Grandpa’s guns’ just fine with me, but universal background checks still a smart move

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John Goodie of Gilbert is a Mesa park ranger.

Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 9:03 am | Updated: 7:37 pm, Wed Apr 17, 2013.

I’ve heard quite a bit lately about how “our grandpa and grandma’s guns don’t cut it anymore.”

First, let me state, I’m a strong believer in the Second Amendment and own several rifles and handguns.

In years past, I’ve put in to be drawn to hunt deer, elk, antelope and javenila. Heck, I even bought a compound bow for a hunt, but that was a disaster story and hunt I’m too embarrassed to share.

As a child growing up in Texas, I always remembered where we kept that long single-barrel shotgun for house protection. Upon moving out on my own, the first gun purchased was a Winchester Model 120 pump 12-gauge shotgun — for protection.

Some things will never change.

I’ll also tell you I’m a proud Democrat and strong President Obama supporter. I was honored to be one of the Arizona delegates that attended the DNC Convention in Charlotte, N.C., this past September.

With that said, I’m not disappointed with the assault weapons ban that failed to pass a few weeks ago.

What I do lightly take exception to are the references towards shotguns and revolvers as “grandpa’s weapons.” We’ve heard that homes, and even for one’s personal protection, that folks need to own handguns and assault rifles capable of firing many rapid rounds in seconds.

My question: why now?

In my opinion and observation this thirst and need for these types of weapons has metastasized tremendously during the last 10 years.

These weapons have been sold for decades with no rush for purchases. The tragedies and mass killings of innocent people by sick humans — with guns — with these types of weapons no doubt and rightly so cast a light and bring forth a needed discussion.

Then there’s another fear-factor, whacko reason toward the panic and paranoia, and why some folks feel the need for speed in rapid firing: the government. “Is Obama going to take away our guns?”

People, in the four remaining years in his office, President Obama will not take diddly squat away — plain and simple. Forget about it.

I know there are bad guys out there with these weapons giving many a false since of urgency over what to do about them.

I know I’ll take some heat for saying this, but that’s why we pay tax dollars for the brave trained men and women in law enforcement.

I proudly stand by “grandpa’s guns” for protecting my home and family. My weapons of choice have and will always be a .357 Magnum revolver when driving around after dark, and that old reliable 12-gauge shotgun loaded with double odd buck shells for the home.

I also support your weapon of choice — be it a baseball bat or AR-15 rifle.

I do, however, believe in the proposed universal background checks that, my friends, need to happen soon.

In ending I‘d just like for those who’ve been dogging “grandpa’s guns” lately — and a few who’ve made cute sly comments when I take my big .357 to the shooting range — to lighten up.

I’ve got what I need with my revolver and shotgun if ever needed — after first dialing 911.

However, if those aren’t affective detterents, then just maybe I’ll scare an intruder away with laughter with my compound bow.

Hey folks, I’ve lived by “grandpa’s guns” for 61 years and if, unfortunately, I died holding one while defending myself, then so be it.

It’s my call, just like yours is yours, but please — I plead with you — give rational thoughts in supporting the call for universal background checks.

It won’t be the fix-all, but could be a difference-maker for some one.

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