The Vent: Oct. 16 | McCain; Republicans; voting for Obama - East Valley Tribune: Columnists

The Vent: Oct. 16 | McCain; Republicans; voting for Obama

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Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 2:15 pm

“Sen. John McCain thinks if his party commits suicide it’s everyone else’s fault. Is this the kind of mentality we want running this country? That’s why we are where we are. Refusal to accept responsibility for anything including their own incompetent suicide. Gerrymandering makes them feel as invulnerable as the man of steel and free to thumb their nose at the rest of the country.”

“So the congressional Republicans approval rating has dropped to 24 percent. Not to worry, Your approval rating is four points higher than your political IQ. Hey Dems, don’t get too smug about this. Your political IQ isn’t much higher.”

“You know, it has been over a year since anyone I talk to (and I meet with dozens every day) has admitted that they were dumb enough to vote for President Obama. It is not just the insiders, like Hilary Clinton and Janet Napolitano, it is the rank and file support that Obama had that is trying desperately to disassociate themselves from him.”

“It’s amazing the unprecedented behavior we have seen since the election of our first black president. The rise of the ‘Old South,’ also known as the ‘tea party,’ the first time in history a president’s religion and birthplace were so distorted, and unprecedented hatred for the president, the man, and not just his policies. Seeing a confederate flag outside the White House should give you a clue as to why there is so much hate toward our president and it should disturb every rational American out there.”

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