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The Vent: Feb. 1

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Posted: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 9:27 am

I don't understand WHY we have to be so concerned about the Latino vote.. Does Mexico get concerned about the American vote at their elections?

Urinate on a crucifix and they call it "art". Urinate on the American Flag and they call it "freedom of speech". Urinate on a Police car and they call it "freedom to protest". Urinate on dead Taliban terrorists who just tried to kill you and your Marine buddies and they call it a "war crime".

Let's all admit that the Brewer-Obama tarmac incident was very overblown.

Having lived in arizona all of my 75 year, I have never been prouder of our governor then I am now.

Of course the President is downplaying his childish behavior towards Brewer. That is what you do when you screw up publicly and are embarrassed. This is his Nixon/Clinton moment. Actually one of many Nixon/Clinton moments.

How come none of you Obama lovers said anything when your hero pointed and poked Israeli Prime Minister Metanyahu in the chest when he was here last year.

President Obama called for passage of comprehensive immigration reform and the Dream Act during Tuesday night's State of the Union address. Why doesn't he understand what the word, "illegal" means. People who are here illegally have broken the law - period. They are criminals - period. They need to come here the right way and gain citizenship the legal way.

To the people of these United States, the Governor of Arizona has a right to chastise the President. He works for every resident of the USA and so do our senators and congressmen. If you don't like them, vote them out of office.

Grow up AZ. Who was the idiot who submitted the unflattering fingerpointing photo anyway? In the other photos there is no threat at all. Like the baby grabbing and kiss, maybe Obama fueled the response on purpose for his new campaign - and the democrats jumped on it. Newscasters responses just show they have to invent stories to keep their jobs.

To the shame, shame, shame, venter and the lack of civility venter in Fridays paper, it is idiots like the both of you that got Obama elected in the first place. Obama started the controversy by criticizing Brewers book as a priority over the problems Arizona has. I agree with both of you that she should not have pointed her finger at him, I think she should have given him a swift kick in the (butt)!

To everyone who is offended by the picture of Gov. Brewer appearing to scold President Obama, please ask yourself if you would feel the same level of indignation if it had been Gov. Napolitano gesturing to President Bush. If yes, you are fair minded and truly respect the office of President, maybe a bit too much. If no, you are blinded by either your hatred of Brewer or your adoration of Obama, to the point that you cannot think or speak rationally about the issue.

"What's next from the Legislature? After introducing bills urging teachers to carry guns in educational institutions, cutting school meal-funding for children of the poor (minorities?), and depriving school districts of building funds when their schools become overcrowded (brought about by decades of diminishing instruction funding), what's next? Perhaps a new bill requiring legislators to wear white sheets and pointy hoods at their sessions?"

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