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The Vent: Aug. 15

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Posted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 7:49 am

“Just when the overwhelming abundance of far-right Vents these past months were about to lull us into apathy and lose us as readers, the Trib publishes one, progressive opinion that gets the Rabid Right squealing like a bunch of little piggies! Don’t you folks understand that opposing viewpoints make the Vent entertaining and informative for everyone? Moreover, balancing out viewpoints gives a more accurate view of the kind of people (and readers) who live in Gilbert. It is what democracy, free speech, and freedom of the press are all about.”

“Republicans being able to keep the vice president choice such a deep dark secret proves Mitt Romney is a master at security. Getting Bin Ladin doesn’t hold a candle to Mitt’s accomplishment. If the media hadn’t put him on the short list a month ago, it would have caught me by surprise.”

“Since graduating from college in 1992, Paul Ryan has only spent one year NOT working in some type of government position or elected position in Washington, D.C. So the question is: How would he know how to create jobs other then the government jobs he has been a part of? Again ... another all-talk really-no-experience type of guy. In high school he was called a brown noser. I bet he still is!”

“If your parents are elderly ... get ready to have them move in with you soon. Romney-Ryan will be getting rid of Medicare as we know it. Your parents will not have an extra $6,000 to spend on medicine and doctors each year. The middle class will be going away.”

“Got my blood pressure up again today! This is a practice that needs to be ended. Mesa firefighters shopping at the grocery store with one little basket among all of them. This is nothing but a social event that could be handled in another way. I’ll bet that every shift at every station makes a trip to the grocery store. What a waste of manpower and truck operating expense.”

“Why did NBC break into Olympics coverage Friday night to announce Romney’s likely VP choice? I understand about getting the scoop, but it really wasn’t that important. I got the feeling from the expression on his face that Chuck Todd didn’t think so either.”

“To the Venter who said that Chick-fil-A translates to elderly white Christian bigots, my question to you is: How are you a bigot if you are totally against a deviant lifestyle? That’s all you people are about. It’s not like slavery was imposed on you like the minority blacks! But you continue to try to spin with your minority argument! In my opinion this is one of the biggest scams against the American people in history!”

“I read in Wednesday’s Vent, ‘For those few East Valley Venters who don’t read French, Chick-Fil-A translates to elderly white Christian bigots.’ Darn! All this time I thought that’s what ‘East Mesa’ meant.”

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