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The Vent: Feb. 22

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Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 8:43 am

"Well our local Liberal-Progressive-Democrat Anti-Conservative ‘adult newspaper' finally ‘outed' Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. The paper had been hinting at him not being married for some time now. Funny, they never went after a certain Democrat governor all the years that she was in office. It seems that our local newspaper and TV media have different reporting standards for liberals than they do for conservatives."

"They say Rocky Point is dangerous, it's nothing compared to Scottsdale, where the police are justified to shoot you if you reach for your cell phone. God forbid if you commit a felony, I'm sure the police would be justified, to not only shoot you but your entire family. Be careful while in Scottsdale!"

"Yeah we all know the history and it tragic, but that does not change that the Indians live on handouts. Proof that institutionalized entitlements do more harm than good."

"State Sen. Lori Klein just can't keep from stepping in it. A few weeks ago, she proposed abolishing public safety leash laws and allow dogs to run free. Now she wants to muzzle teachers. Lori, you have it backwards. You would think that local school districts are more than capable of policing potty mouth teachers, but that's not good enough for Lori. She's determined to stick her big snout in it, whether it's needed or not."

"In these states where the legislature is male dominated and creating jobs in the areas of contraception police, uterus police, and just plain bedroom police, if the state is also dominated by a holier than thou party, will these additional police officers be able to collectively bargain or will they fall into a employment-at-will scenario; and last, but not least, how will you pay for it?"

"I am a middle class guy to whom Obama promised no increase in taxes. My net federal income taxes went up by more than double my income increase. There is nothing this guy will not lie about. It cost me $1000 more in taxes and I will pay an additional $500 in gas just to earn the money to pay more taxes. Dr. Chu promised higher gas prices and he is coming through. Those will move us to a double dip soon."

"Wow! GM only made $7.6 billion profit this year. Must be time for another government bail-out."

"What I like about President Obama is he doesn't instill fear in America by saying there are people out there trying to kill us in each and every speech. But he does instill fear in the very people who are trying to kill us with each and every drone without any speech at all."

"So, just read that Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon has recently put up a billboard made with crushed firearms in Ciudad Juarez urging the United States to stop the flow of weapons into Mexico. Perhaps, we, the United States, should answer by putting up our own billboards, urging Mexico to ‘stop the flow of people attempting to illegally emmigrate and flow of drugs into the United States!"

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