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Letters to editor: April 16

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Posted: Friday, April 16, 2010 1:46 pm | Updated: 3:55 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

Taxes: Tea party message causes concern

I am dreading tax day. Not because of the tax forms or the last-minute trip to the post office, but because I know that images of tea partiers will dominate the airwaves and newspapers.

I am all for freedom of speech. It’s the hatred of the tea partiers’ messages that concerns me. History has shown us that hatred, whipped up by unaccountable leaders like tea party spokesmen who play on real fears (loss of jobs, loss of houses and health care) is a terrible path to go down. The scared and misinformed members of the tea parties are dominating the news cycle with inaccurate messages of hate and threats of violence, instead of working to address the real causes of the economic and cultural crisis on our hands. We need working solutions, not messages of hate to change the economic and social instability we are in. We need affordable housing, job creation, equity and democracy.

On tax day as the tea partiers rally with their hateful signs, spouting angry and misdirected slurs and slogans, Arizonians of conscience should stand up and show them and the silent majority that we are powerful because of our commitment to true democracy, racial equality and workable solutions.

Leah Carnine, Tempe

Loans: Leave payday lenders alone

Concerning your editorial of April 11 on payday lenders, you do no one a service when you use specious and contradictory arguments to demonize a legal business.

For instance, an “annual basis” interest rate of 400 percent may not be excessive when you consider that it has to cover expenses such as salaries, overhead, supplies, loan-recovery costs, not to mention state and federal taxes and fees. These are fixed expenses that have nothing to do with the length of the loan. By the way, are you aware that a mere three-day classified ad in the E.V. Tribune costs more than $1,800.00 (on an “annual basis”)?

It is also peculiar that you maintain your position against payday lenders while simultaneously admitting that no one else would likely provide the service if they were “sent packing”, as you put it. How can you presume to know the consequences of being unable to get a payday loan, or even what a fair interest rate is? Further, it is wrong-headed to suggest that someone is unable to act in their own best interest just because they are “poor” or living on “society’s margins”.

Selective government regulation of business is only justified in the case of monopolies, essential services, or when the consumer cannot reasonably be expected to understand the details of the interaction. Otherwise, the business activities of free, adult citizens should not be dictated by their mommies, the E.V. Tribune, the State of Arizona, or even proposition-happy fellow citizens.

George Geri, Gilbert

Dogs: Fuss is misguided

The whole fuss about dogs on the patio is absurd. First, dogs are, mostly, better behaved than children in restaurants. They don’t whine, scream or run around disturbing other diners, mainly because owners (I am “owned” by a wonderful Shar-Pei) bring well-behaved dogs.

Second, it seems many missed a more important fact: The restaurant has critical health code violations, including workers without a food service license, both dated Feb. 2010, and neither related to animals on the patio.

Bobbie Addoms Buedel, Mesa

Politics: Liberals don’t care

Conservatives mistakenly believe the majority of elected officials are being fooled by the Obama administration’s secret agenda to control every aspect of our life. Actually, liberal politicians are well aware that they are marching to the beat of an evil drummer. Like many citizens, they simply don’t care.

Totalitarianism looks like a quick fix for the misery brought about by 50 years of steady culture decline.

Today’s social and financial problems have been caused by people who were influenced by far left propaganda while growing up during the culture revolution. The allurement years of sex, drugs and credit card mentality has produced an irresponsible attitude that prevails in all of our institutions and threatens the sovereignty of the United States.

Bob Blazier, Mesa

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