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The Vent: Feb. 19

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Posted: Sunday, February 19, 2012 10:37 pm | Updated: 8:16 am, Mon Feb 20, 2012.

"Got an email from ‘The Hon. Russell Pearce' so I asked my grand kids what ‘The Hon.' meant. Rosealita said he was obviously a big fan of the ‘Star Wars' dude Hon Solo. Humberto said it related to his genealogy, him being related to Attila the Hon. What think you dear Venters?"

"Dear Venter, please provide specific support for your charge that our president is ‘against' all of the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights you list, because I see none of that. Just saying that something is so does not make it so - something that Fox News needs to understand when it resorts to inflated rhetoric such as you yourself use."

"I agree with the letters on Feb. 17. Most of the legislation from both sides of the aisle is knee jerk attempts to micromanage the serfs and are of little social value. Most of them would not even be enforceable. You would expect this from the Democrats and their goal of total governmental control of our lives but from the Republicans too?! Everybody just wants to add to the tally of legislation they introduce no matter the relevance or value. Many times they admit there is no chance of their bills ever becoming law."

"Allowing guns on our college campus is the most insane and downright dangerous idea this Republican legislature has ever come up with! As a parent of a visually-impaired student who will live on the ASU campus this fall, I am aghast and I fear for her safety! We do not have guns in our home, and her dorm will soon become her ‘home away from home!' People seem to forget how a disgruntled UofA student shot and killed his [professor] in her office a few years ago."

"I'm a retired police officer and I shot and killed a person, it's not fun. The Scottsdale police officer who has killed six people in 10 years needs help, especially when you kill someone for reaching for his cell phone. That's not even a misdemeanor."

"Whitney Houston was not in the service; she does not deserve to have flags at half mast."

"CNN had an interview with the mayor of Los Angeles this morning after he was chosen to be the Democratic Conference chair. I wonder why? He described how the the conference celebration was going to be unlike others. If I didn't know better, I'd say it sounded like a May Day celebration in Red Square, Moscow."

"America has finally had a peek at what's behind Obama's ‘real' Agenda this past week. Abortion on demand. I expect that he and the Democrats will be pushing for work place in-house abortion mills next. One of Obama's minions is probably in Peking or some other Commie Chinese city going from company dispensary to company dispensary gathering information so that American companies can offer abortion on demand at the workplace. Socialism for one and all. Women must have the right to rid their bodies of unwanted human fetuses, human life."

"People, please open your eyes and see what President Obama is doing to our great country. He is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual relationships, pro-gay rights, pro-same sex marriage, pro-decreeing that religious institutions' insurance companies must provide free birth control including contraception, sterilization, and some forms of abortion. Since when does the President of the United States have the legal right to demand that religious groups cover things they oppose. It seems that Obama is trying to limit the number of babies that are born, the population, and the traditional family. We can stand back and let Obama get away with destroying our country as we know it or we can get involved and do something about it. We need a new President who knows what the Constitution of the United States says and upholds it."

"The crown jewel of the Democratic party - abortion - was losing it's luster, so with the help of their minions in the media, the Democrats were able to successfully rebrand it into ‘contraception.'"

"I just read the commentary by Tom Patterson in your Sunday paper. I should have stopped at the first paragraph. I lost my respect for him as a person when Mr. Patterson admitted that he felt bad that the unemployment figures had dropped. The reason for the sadness was because he assumed that if it dropped, President Obama had a better shot for a second term. How sad is that! Someone actually wished that the unemployed should not find a job so the Republicans can get back into office. I had always assumed that both Republicans and Democrats were both for improving the American dream. I was wrong. sad, sad sad!"

"Wake up America, we are wittnessing an economic coup de grace sanctioned by the Supreme Court while most Americans are kept busy fighting among themselves over issues that were settled in the last century."

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