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Letters to the Editor: May 15

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Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:41 pm | Updated: 2:44 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

We encourage readers to submit letters to the editor on issues of interest to East Valley residents. Submissions should be no longer than 300 words, factually accurate and original thoughts of the writer. Please be brief and include name, address, city and phone number for verification. Letters and comments may be edited for clarity and length.

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We encourage readers to submit letters to the editor on issues of interest to East Valley residents. Submissions should be no longer than 300 words, factually accurate and original thoughts of the writer. Please be brief and include name, address, city and phone number for verification. Letters and comments may be edited for clarity and length.

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Daniels, Scroggins

make fiscal sense

On Tuesday, Gilbert voters have a number of important choices to make. For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to support Jenn Daniels and Erin Scroggins for Town Council.

A brief review of the four contenders in this race will show why Jenn and Erin are the best choice for Gilbert. To begin with, it’s important to point out that Joan Krueger and John Sentz represent the same big-spending philosophy that has saddled Gilbert’s hard-working taxpayers with massive budget deficits.

Joan and John have many years of political experience, and they love to tell you about it. However, when asked for solutions to real problems, they fail to provide any substantive answers. What good is all this experience if it’s not used to solve our most pressing problems?

Don’t get me wrong, Joan and John are nice people. They should be commended for their service. However, given Gilbert’s year-over-year multimillion-dollar deficit spending on wasteful projects like Big League Dreams, I’m not sure I want that type of experience anymore.

Enter Jenn Daniels and Erin Scroggins. They are bright and articulate and bring fresh, conservative voices. Both have experience in small business and have served our community in many different ways. With young families, they will be more in touch with how council actions will affect Gilbert families.

Sadly, we have no voice for fiscal and family-oriented conservatives. Unlike their opponents, Jenn and Erin have specific plans to balance the budget without raising taxes, recruit new businesses, protect the rights of Gilbert families, and keep our families safe. Further, they have the vim and vigor to deliver.

Please join me in voting for Jenn Daniels and Erin Scroggins for the Town Council on Tuesday.



Sentz would work

on economy

I support John Sentz in his upcoming bid to be elected to the Gilbert Town Council. John supports a fiscally responsible government, he will find ways to improve our transportation, and he will work for growth to protect our quality of life.

John is a candidate who is ready to secure Gilbert’s future through these financially insecure times. John will work to attract more high-quality jobs now and as long as he is on the council. His work as a former Motorola manager enables him to understand how things should work, enables him to spot problems and find efficient, effective solutions. His high standard of work ethic will result in high standards in all areas of the town, while making it easier for all of us to invest in Gilbert.

John Sentz also has the vision to secure what makes this town a great place for young families, older families, and single people. John is the candidate that has the right mix of knowledge and vision that is a winning combination.



Krueger stays in touch

During Joan Krueger’s first term as a Gilbert Town Council member, Joan has shown her expertise in fiscal as well as managerial skills. Her insight, brought about by experience in upper management positions, has guided and given a comprehensive overview to fellow council members. Complementing these areas, Joan has continued to successfully negotiate many complex issues on behalf of the town and its residents.

It is beneficial to have executive managerial skills when running the town from the council level, but more importantly, a council member has to stay in touch with the residents. This is no easy task when coordinating council meetings, work schedules, travel and the myriad of items that make up a person’s daily life. One of the items that Joan promised when she was running for the first time four years ago was to become involved with the town at the resident level. This campaign promise took on great meaning for Joan, as she has lived by that promise on a daily basis. To this point, while serving on the council with her, she would consistently talk to residents on both sides of an agenda item and bring forth their multiple points of view. She did not stop there; she listened and participated in open forums, gatherings of residents, citizen-sponsored events and town-sponsored events.

Joan is dedicated to Gilbert and its residents. She listens and seeks out information at the resident level, uses her management skills efficiently and effectively and balances her time so she can give the leadership needed to run this great municipality of ours.

I encourage everyone to vote in this election, and when you do, please vote for Joan Krueger for council.



Sentz makes

careful decisions

We moved here to Gilbert nine years ago, where we first got acquainted with John Sentz. At that time, he was on the board of our homeowners association. He went on to become president of the association. While in that capacity, he resolved many situations and problems very effectively, always promoting harmony with all the parties involved. His ability to search out the details and contact the individuals regarding issues has been a real asset. I have always found John to be a man of integrity who examines the full situation, ponders what is best by his belief as well as the information he has dutifully obtained. I look forward to our continued friendship and know he would be a great addition to our Town Council.




Don’t ignore

recent actions

We must demand accountability for torture. As a nation of laws, enforcing those laws should not be a political decision. We saw the Bush administration politicize the Department of Justice, hence; the resignation of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The Office of Legal Counsel became a facilitator for illegal government conduct, not to mention breaking international law. I hope Congress finds the courage to investigate and seek prosecution for any illegal activity.

And in that process, you could find our country and give it back to us!




Successful so far

Congratulations to President Barack Obama and many who strongly supported him in getting a necessary budget passed. The budget makes crucial investments in health care, energy, social services, environmental concerns, and education plus much more! We wish him well. I would grade him overall triple-A for his first 100 days in office. Keep up the great work.



How not to run a country

Amass unsustainable debt that will lead the country to bankruptcy. Control the banking system by loaning banks huge amounts of money in return for shares in those banks and then not allow the money to be paid back. Let loose dangerous terrorists so they can kill more Americans. Broadcast details regarding the CIA’s methods of interrogation to the world. Make sure all CIA operatives hold back from doing all they can to keep the country safe by making the threat of prosecution for their efforts a real possibility. Support the teachers union to ensure mediocre teachers remain in their jobs and indoctrinate rather than educate. Support the unions in general to ensure unemployment remains high and our competitiveness disappears. Kill criticism by taking opposing points of views off the airways. Establish a federal police force in the guise of protecting our cities but actually use it to arrest anyone who disagrees with the administration’s policies. Use community organizations (such as ACORN) to sway the election result.




No reason for

exact coordinates

Why is the Obama administration starting the census gathering before its scheduled time in 2010? And more importantly, why is it having the census workers get a latitude and longitude of every house in America? Aren’t latitude and longitude used for serial target marking?

One critic suggested that latitude and longitude would be useful to non-English-speaking military or even English-speaking military in pinpointing homes of known dissenters. The government compiling the latitude and longitude of everyone’s house is hardly an intrusion the American people will approve.




Support federal action

The air conditions in our city are absolutely unacceptable. A recent pollution advisory really hit home the fact that our lifestyles are having an impact on the health of us all. The need for legislation regarding clean air and environmental regulations is becoming more real every day, as pollution is increasing temperatures and confining those with asthma or other respiratory conditions to the indoors. I recently moved here from Washington state, and while I love all that Tempe has to offer, one of the first things I’ve noticed is the brown cloud of smog over Phoenix and the sore throat I wake up with the day after I go for a run outside. There is a comprehensive piece of clean energy legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives right now that would be the first step toward cleaning our air and preventing further damage. As a registered voter, I urge Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz., to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act.



U.S. Automakers

Clamp down on imports

In 1940, I started working at Cadillac. The United Auto Workers got into General Motors by staging a weekslong sit-down strike in the plant that gave them a 10-cent-an-hour raise from $1 to $1.10 per hour. Since then, they have had strikes or near strikes to which GM has given in to the union.

Now, many other companies have gotten some of these same benefits, such as health insurance, retirement pensions, etc. This has, in turn, raised the price of a car to more than $23,000. Fifteen to 20 years ago, I watched Japanese ships with more than 6,500 cars per ship docking in San Diego. Japan soon thought the duty was too high, so they started building their own plants in several states. They used cheap labor and did not have the burden of health insurance, retirement plans and benefits to employees who had been there, as they say, “30 years and out.”

They could build a car for two-thirds of what U.S. automakers can and all of the profits would go right back to Japan. No other country would let this happen! What to do now? Let’s try a sliding scale to reduce wages, starting 10 percent for workers up to 50 percent for management, and place a heavy duty on all foreign cars made in America.



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