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Letter: Turley-Hansen delivers “hack job”

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Posted: Thursday, April 19, 2012 3:21 pm

The upcoming election is about Ann Romney, the First Lady Michelle Obama, you, my wife, and every woman in the United States who might lose their rights of choice if the GOP have their way in 2012. This fight isn’t about contraception, Ms. Turley-Hansen, it’s about a woman’s, and eventually everyone’s, right to make any decision for herself/themselves going forward in the future.

The GOP have a very long standing of being anti-women, and anti-minority (still to this day they are anti-minorities), from them working and making equal pay, to religious doctrines which all but force a woman to stay at home to pop out babies like a Pez dispenser.

No one person in the world, male or female, has the right to tell any other person what they can or can not do with their own bodies. When we start regulating personal choices with our own alien bodies through laws which only seek to control, we might as well take away all thoughts of reason and become robots. No one person is superior to tell another what they can do. I surely wouldn’t want a woman or a man legislating what I could do with my body, but you are OK with the GOP, mostly white males, telling you what you can do with your body? So much for freedom of choice.

Yet it boils down to control over everyone and imposing your religious beliefs on someone who doesn’t care to believe, which is my right to do so. America has freedom of religion and with that comes freedom from religion as well. Religions, God and Jesus specifically, were created by men who sought to gain control over the illiterate masses thousands of years ago. Religions prey upon the weak minded or those who lack the ability to think for themselves. Trust me, I grew up in a Christian household, went to Tri-City and Grace Community schools in Tempe through grade 6. I fell for the lies, I learned through life’s lessons that religion is a farce and does nothing for one’s well-being or health, despite how much you pray.

Religions are not inclusive as you say, but rather exclusive and they rarely have the patience for each other. Religions divide and segregate. Just look at what is taking place in Israel. They hate the Palestinians, so they are razing homes for their settlements despite having agreed to accords over the last 60-plus years. And it’s all religious based, as the Jews think they own every inch of the Middle East. Just because, as you state, 92 percent of women (or 92 percent of all Americans) believe in God, doesn’t mean that we all have to kowtow to your ways.

I’m a very proud atheist who knows that believing in God or Jesus doesn’t make you a better person. America was founded, Ms. Turley, not as you tea-partiers want to believe because of taxes, but we were founded because the King of England was forcing one religion on all of his lands. Our founding fathers were much smarter than we are now. They knew that the perils of mixing religion and politics were catastrophic. And their beliefs are coming true.

Sure, our founding fathers were religious, deeply. However, their beliefs didn’t make it onto paper. If America, as you believe, is truly a Christian nation, prove it with our founding documents. Because there is nary a word except the word Creator, which is mentioned but once, that is remotely close to making our Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States a Christian document or making us a Christian nation. Those ideas are contrived by the GOP and are used to manipulate Americans when the flag is waved about during times of patriotic importance or whenever a political race is about.

And it is about the economy, stupid. In your hack job delivered April 18, 2012 titled “Economy, not religion, the most important issue,” you only mentioned the economy once, and that was the last sentence, which I disagree with. The economy is taking shape, despite the GOP demands for a fix overnight.

There is nothing that the president can do about the stock market, the jobs losses, the economy. It took decades for our economy to break. It was accelerated under King George with three wars. When Bush took office he had a budget surplus; when he left, the debt was $10 trillion. As John Adams says: “Facts are stubborn things.”

President Obama has added roughly $1 trillion to the debt, not the whole amount that the right-wingers want to lob about.

Bush took a budget surplus and turned around and handed out not one, not two, but three “stimulus” payments to Americans during his presidency. King George saw unprecedented business collapses under his regime. Starting with Enron, they continued, and then the auto industry failed. Failed banks galore, and now it’s all President Obama’s fault?

Gas shot to an all-time high under King George and what did he do? Hand out money for the third time which made the oil companies billions and did nothing to bring down the price of gas, which as some suggested was artificially inflated. Gas is going down now and President Obama didn’t hand out money, so what has happened Ms. Turley?

As I see it, the GOP war mongers have stopped their comments about wanting to invade Iran and the price of oil is starting to drop.

You see, we invade Iran under the GOP, gas doubles or triples overnight. Iran is a sovereign nation and they have the right to develop nukes, bio weapons, kazoos, french horns or grow flowers. America has 5000-plus nukes and we are building new nuclear power plants and a new class of nuclear weapons. Yet, I don’t see Iran running to the UN demanding sanctions on America for our decisions as a sovereign nation.

America has to stop being the world’s police and a nation builder until we rebuild our nation first. The GOP wants to conquer the world and have a holy war with Islam; there is no reason why we have to still be in Afghanistan and Iraq or the Middle East, unless we are protecting someone or something.

Americans and Arizonans have two choices in 2012 — re-elect President Obama and continue our forward-thinking progress, making equality for all, not government mandate relationships, love and choice.

Re-elect President Obama, who will continue to work to repair America’s image abroad while focusing on the homeland, something the GOP is ignoring.

If America elects the GOP in 2012 to rule the world, we will be sunk. Willard, Ricky and Newton have all vowed to start war with Iran, and with that comes a war with China and Russia. Can America afford their holy war?

One of the three GOP candidates has vowed to rule America with Judeo-Christian Sharia Law. We can elect the GOP, which will decide what choices everyone will have in the future and we will start more wars which America can’t afford.

Jason Llewellyn


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