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Letter: Turley-Hansen, GOP seek to revert America to dark ages

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Posted: Friday, September 7, 2012 11:30 am | Updated: 9:16 am, Tue Sep 11, 2012.

Ms. Turley, it is your very own GOP party who has an outright war on the women of this nation. There is only one party out there that seeks to control what a woman does with her own body at every turn. That party, Ms. Turley, is your party.

When the GOP seek to take a woman’s right, not a god-given right, because we all know, those of us who are a free thinking people that is, that there was never any god. Only the fictional character that was created some 2,012 years ago, by a man nonetheless.

But back to my point. The Democratic party isn’t trying to manipulate women like the GOP party is. The Dems aren’t offering “freebies” to women as you insist, just a choice. Do you honestly believe that a majority of the women in this nation believe the GOP is good for them? My answer would be no. That is unless you like being told what freedoms and choices you have, which have been dictated by men in higher positions.

The GOP have had an outright war on a person’s choice for as long as I can remember. If they succeed in stopping women from having choices, where do those laws stop? The GOP are trying to ban being gay in America, all in the name of the Bible. I thought religions were “accepting” and “tolerant” of others? I guess all I learned at Tri-City and Grace Community religious schools from K-6th grade was just a bunch of lies. And you know what, Ms. Turley? It is. One-hundred percent of what’s in the babble is hogwash. Religion is a man-made lie. Religions seek to divide, rather than include. Religions are intolerant of others who won’t cater to, bow down to and serve without question.

Ms. Turley, if the GOP gets their way, America will be a very sad nation indeed. We will be forced to bow to one religion, that being Christianity. America will be forced to say prayers each day. We will have no choices of whom we could marry if the GOP gets their way. Ms. Turley, your vision and the GOP vision for America is skewed and seeks to revert America back to the dark ages. America is moving forward and hopefully to better days without the GOP at the helm. They destroyed this nation through tax cuts, war and hatred for anyone who doesn’t side with them. America is not, was not ever founded as a Christian nation. Our Founding Fathers were way smarter than we are today. They knew mixing religion and government doesn’t work. Too bad the GOP haven’t gotten that memo.

Jason Llewellyn


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