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Letters to editor: May 20

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Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010 10:41 am

POLITICS: Vast left wing conspiracy

Remember the 1960’s radicals? The protests, the flag burning, the draft dodgers, the drugs, the spitting on U.S. soldiers at airports returning home from Vietnam? Ever wonder what happened to them and their ideology?  They overwhelmingly ended up in politics, journalism, academia and law. Not what most Americans would call “honest work”, but nonetheless fields that have proven useful for promoting their agenda. To achieve this end, they’ve orchestrated their efforts as follows:

• Those who entered politics employ class warfare and racism to thwart our Constitution and push their progressive socialist reform.

• The media cooperates by presenting the “news” with unending liberal bias in order to desensitize the public to the liberal agenda.

• Tthose in high school academia do their part by teaching political correctness and revisionist history (i.e. America was founded by greedy old white men who invented oppression, slavery and sexism) in order to dumb them down enough for their indoctrination into hard-core liberalism in college. The goal is to turn out young adults who are incapable of critical thought and will blindly accept the liberal propaganda that the politicians and the media present to them.

• The lawyers, especially those in the ACLU, bring expensive lawsuits against anyone who gets in the way, and those who become judges become activists and collaborate by interpreting the law in a manner that advances their liberal causes.

These subversive components of the “Me Generation” (aka “Generation Zero”) and their unholy alliance have relentlessly pursued their agenda for 40 years. Their efforts finally came to fruition with the election of Barack Obama and a Democratic majority in the House and Senate.

Michael R. Rhodanz, Mesa

DIVORCE: Children greatly affected

Each day in the United States, three thousand young people become children of divorce. It happens to almost 1 million children each year.

The parents sit their children down and deliver the news that they’re divorcing. In today’s world, more and more divorces are occurring and seem to be a popular trend between couples, becoming sort of an epidemic mess. Do the parents think about the impact it will have on their children before they get a divorce? Studies show that children experience the greatest impact from divorce within two or three years of its occurrence. Research also shows that children are greatly affected by divorce throughout their youth. At each age, there are certain emotions and reactions that children will experience.

Being one of these children coming from divorced parents has been truly an emotional experience for me, even though I am a college student. After marriages end, children struggle with a wide range of symptoms such as anger, depression and problems in school. Divorce is a misfortune to the children no matter what the circumstances may be. Parents not only ruin their relationship with each other, but they are also drastically hurting the children involved. Parents need to rethink the meaning of marriage, because marriage is supposed to be sacred and forever.

Melissa Carder, Scottsdale

SUNS: Nash, Hill worth rooting for

The one thing I see that sets our Phoenix Suns apart from their opposition is the unselfishness of experienced players contributing to the common goal of winning the game at all costs. The two most experienced leaders who exemplify this trait are Steve Nash (offensively) and Grant Hill (defensively). Growing up outside of Pittsburgh, they remind me of Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene.

The Steelers, like the Suns, were about players playing their own team style of play where the collective unit beat bigger teams with more established stars. The national media, like many of our sports reporters, focus on star power and the other team’s track record of titles won.

Let’s get behind our home team. We’ve got two guys who look like they found the fountain of youth and lead by example. Come on you baby boomers out there, wouldn’t you like to see a 36- and 37-year-old win an NBA championship?

Dr. Jeff Eger, Mesa

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