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The Vent: Sept. 19

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Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 8:12 am

“It’s depressing how bad Americans have become. A big percentage of our citizens openly root and pray for the complete downfall and destruction of our president. Why do we want our president, and in turn, our country to fail? Is that what it means to be American these days?”

“I think Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should go to Libya, and Egypt and show their leadership qualities and prove their foreign policy ideology. Given Romney’s experience in dealing with the conflicts of the past, which reminds me, his missionary experience should be a plus.”

“Romney was more Presidential in six minutes (after the attacks in Libya) than Obama has been in almost four years!”

“Although I am outraged at the vicious attacks on U.S embassies in the Middle East, they are to be expected given our lawless aggression in their countries, raining down random death and destruction upon innocent people when we have no business being there. The blowback is our fault for assuming policeman-of-the-world status. Let’s stay home and tend our own borders.”

“The west needs to stop exporting oil to China and importing oil from the mideast. Just let China deal with the mideast to keep up their flow of oil. Maybe China will have better luck! Then we can sit on the sidelines and bad mouth everything they do and not lift a finger to help, you know kind of like the GOP in this country.”

“Regarding Mesa Public Library (downtown Mesa), Sept. 12 at approximately 5 p.m., and a wonderful woman. I doubt this will reach its intended recipient but I’m going to try. I send a big Thank You to the mother who told her little son that he HAD to turn in to Lost and Found a Nook he found in the library. I was told your son cried because he wanted so much to keep the Nook. You are an incredible role model and mother. Thank you so much.”

“Just a note to the venter who claimed his 401k bottomed out during the Bush administration. Try to remember that your party took control of the house and senate in 2007. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd assumed the Chairs of financial services in both houses and began to work their magic. Barney Frank assured the American public that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were in good shape just before they went into conservator ship on Sept. 6, 08 costing the American tax payer somewhere between $200 and $300 billion dollars. Also remember that in Oct. 2007 before the magic took hold the Dow Jones average exceeded 14,000 points. Your 401k hasn’t seen those numbers since. We are not bitter and angry, we are concerned.”

“We just finished watching Mark Owen (pseudonym), author of No Easy Day, interviewed by Scott Pelle on “60 Minutes”. HOW AWESOME WAS THAT? I could not be prouder of Seal Team 6, the CIA investigator who had been watching the Pakistani compound for five years prior to the raid, and every single service man, commander, and participant in this process! But, most of all, I could not be prouder of Barack Obama, our President, who was the only person in the world who could have authorized this! In spite of at least two people who tried to dissuade him, President Obama made what Robert Gates called, ‘The gutsiest move I have ever seen a President take.’ I can only imagine the profound frustration of the servicemen who wanted to get Bin Laden when he was cornered at Tora Bora — only to have Bush-Cheney order them to stand down. Had the raid failed, the uproar against Mr. Obama would have been deafening. As it was, he had faith in the people entrusted to carry out this mission. Thank you... for keeping us safe!”

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