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The Vent: April 15

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Posted: Sunday, April 15, 2012 11:07 am

“I don’t want Andy Thomas to lose his livelihood. Having studied at the knee of Sheriff Arpaio perhaps he can assist Republican vice-presidential candidate Allen West in ferreting out those 81 card-carrying communists.”

“I am being told by the media that Republicans are in a war on women, but Democrats are head over heels for women! That is as long as they are not Conservative, stay-at-home mothers, that are good looking!”

“Because of all the activists involved in the Trayvon Martin case George Zimmerman is guaranteed a mistrial and will be set free.”

“Lets tax ammo, not old people, to pay for the gun lockers.”

“Hey all you climate change doubters out there, NOAA has just declared last month to be the warmest March on record and the winter months of January, February and March of 2012 as the warmest winter on record. Climate change is real. Doubting Thomases needing to touch and feel this change need to wake up and go outside once in a while.”

“Jon Beydler, I have some advice for you: Next time you want to write another article for the Tribune, don’t. Very few people read your (stuff), and even fewer believe it.”

“Mesa doesn’t have enough money, so we’re doing budget cuts all over. But apparently the police department is still OK with spending our money to send officers to walk in (not security, just there to walk) the Gay Rights Parade in Phoenix this month?! Ridiculous!”

“It’s no wonder congress won’t stop the $4 billion-plus oil subsidies. Congress is just using the oil companies to launder tax dollars for their own campaigns. If they want to use tax dollars for their campaigns, make it legal. Stop turning American taxpayers into a laughing stock.”

“So now we have a politically ambitious Florida State Attorney throwing Zimmerman under the bus. She had already lost the Hispanic vote in Florida for prosecuting a 12yo Cuban-American boy as an adult not for legal sake but to force him to accept a plea deal which he has not accepted but is housed in the adult section of the County Jail because he can’t make bail. Well, the State Attorney can now count on one Minority’s vote in any upcoming election. In her news conference she said “our Prosecution Team promised those sweet parents we would get answers”. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Obama making her a ‘US Attorney’ in the near future.”

“I agree with the April 11 vent that Clarence Thomas is a stooge; but not for Obama. Thomas has always been in the right-wing fringe. The problem is ethics. Thomas and Justice Scalia (who said he won’t read the health care law) are often seen being wined and dined by law firms who are about to argue a case. For this case, Thomas and Scalia went on several resort trips paid for and hosted by the Koch brothers for anti-healthcare interests. Thomas’ wife works for these interests, giving him financial gain (he stopped disclosing his wife’s income these past few years). The Supreme Court doesn’t recognize their own conflicts of interest because they have no Code of Ethics to follow like all other courts in our country.”

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