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Letters to the editor: February 18

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Posted: Monday, February 18, 2008 9:49 pm | Updated: 9:39 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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It’s not Presidential Idol

If this opinion insults or offends you, that’s your problem, I make no apologies.

As I see what people are writing on the pages of newspapers, blogs on the Internet, accompanied with interviews on television; it is clear, massive ignorance is everywhere. Ignorance or deception is rampant in both players in the media and a large amount of our current crop of politicians. This has to change. My whole life it’s seemed, due to America’s absolute love of life and the freedom to thrive, America is No. 1 and will inevitably always be No. 1.

This current path we are on, due to badly informed people voting for deceitful or ignorant political leaders, we are no longer inevitable to stay No. 1. Folks, electing leaders is not an episode of “American Idol,” or a popularity contest. Elections are about electing leaders to do government business. Every time an uninformed person votes, they chip away at America’s core strength. The Constitution is a short and easy-to-read document, have you read it lately?

The courage, integrity and wisdom of the millions who set America on the path that made it the envy of the world could have never been done under the ignorant and politically correct millions of today. It takes no courage or intelligence to be politically correct, just lazy ignorance. If we don’t quit allowing the unqualified people to vote or lead our government, we will surely fade. Everyone has the “right” to be stupid, lazy or say just about whatever they want; but when that type of behavior becomes the acceptable norm, we have turned a corner I do not want to turn. Are you a strength or a weakness for America? Just curious.




Improving safety, traffic flow

Whenever there is traffic entering or re-entering a highway lane, there must be an adequate acceleration lane for the entering traffic. That is a major problem with the “metering lights” during the busy periods when they are turned on. Those alternating red and green lights stop all vehicles entering into a highway.

For some reason, probably cost of construction, some designers/engineers of bus pullouts and highway interchanges expect buses, cars and other traffic all to be traveling at the speed of the highway traffic when they must merge to the left at the end of an inadequate acceleration lane. To make matters worse, sometimes the acceleration lanes are uphill lanes to an elevated highway. When the entering traffic slows the through traffic, the capacity of the through highway is reduced. That effect creates a forward-rolling traffic jam, rolling forward beyond the interchange or bus pullout.

Another policy to reduce the rate of accidents at bus pullouts is to mandate, before each bus pullout, more than one big sign telling the oncoming drivers to “Yield to the bus entering from the right.”

Safety is relative. Signs are cheap. Life is dear.




Support horse-tripping ban

Horse-tripping or piales en lienzo, a Mexican-style rodeo event, is when a horse is made to run full speed by using electric prods. A “charro” then will lasso their legs, causing the horse to come crashing down to the ground breaking legs, necks and teeth, let alone the deep gashes on face, hips, and heals. This horrific and inhumane treatment continues until the horse is no longer able to get up and then, half dead already, is sent to slaughter.

Horse tripping has been banned in several U.S. states, including California, Florida, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Also banning this treatment is the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the American Quarter Horse Association.

In Arizona, House Bill 2539 has been introduced to the Arizona House of Representatives this session. Please call, e-mail or fax your Arizona House representative from your district supporting HB2539.




Fleeced for thrift

To the editor and Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard: What does my credit report have to do with the price of auto insurance?

I pay for a whole year up front. No credit involved. And I have to pay more because some company has a false report? Just another way to rob without a gun!

My insurance — for driving 5,000 miles a year — will be $985. Not because I have had accidents or traffic tickets but because of :

• Length of credit history. I’ve had a card since the 1970s, when I learned that I should have my own credit history, not my husband’s.

• High use of available revolving account credit limits. Have never reached the limit of my cards. And I pay in full each month.

• Number of account(s) opened in the last three years. Yes, I switched to Chase from Discover for better payback.

• Number and timing of credit checks. What control do I have on who checks my credit?

Ask for an insurance quote, and they make a check. I do it each year when I get my auto insurance bill and wonder what is wrong. Police tell us to check to guard against identity theft; are we to be penalized for following advice?

I am also asking how to make my report reflect my sterling credit history. I never defaulted, never had to pay interest. I am from a dying breed — never spend what you can’t pay for.

Or is that a bad credit history?

In today’s world, this is a minor irritation. There are so many bad things going on that I can do nothing about. Maybe I can correct this one, with your help?




Eloy deserves amusement

I’m 100 percent behind this idea. I’m not seeing how this park could be a mistake. I have lived in the Golden Corridor for about five years now. And this is exactly what this area needs and wants. Why should progress happen everywhere else?



Music to Jerseyite’s ears

I live 15 miles away from Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J. Guess how often I go there each year? The answer may surprise you. Should Arizona give authority to Decades USA to build a theme park in Queen Creek, Eloy or anywhere in the south East Valley for that matter, I swear I will make annual visits to the park. I think many Americans crave a new theme park and what better destination than Arizona is there?

Honestly, I (and others, I’m sure) am Disneyed out! Seen it all, done it all. Short of going overseas, that is. But I make my money here. I want to spend my money here. And I want my family to enjoy a piece of its heritage heretofore unavailable on a scale such as this, in a place as grand as Arizona, with its 330 days of blue skies and sunshine, easy-to-travel loops and highways, inviting and comforting constituents, glorious vistas.

Now add to that the fact that it’s not affected by the following national disasters like virtually all other theme parks in America: earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, nor’easters, tsunamis. For the last two years I’ve visited your state. Sad to leave it each time. One more reason to go there wouldn’t hurt. I’ve been to Great Adventure once in the last three years and that was to drop my son’s friend off to work there on a day his car broke down. So come on, Arizona! Get this park built and quick.



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