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Letters to the editor: May 9

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Posted: Friday, May 8, 2009 6:06 pm | Updated: 12:52 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

The Tribune’s May 3 article “Thousands Protest Arpaio on Immigration” really should have pointed out that many of these protesters are interlopers from other states, whereas 730,426 of us from Maricopa County voted for Sheriff Joe Arpaio this last election, as well as landslides in his previous four elections.

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When enough is enough

Spectrum Parent-Teacher-Student Organization recently hosted a meeting to discuss the budget situation relating to Gilbert public schools and the state. This meeting was attended by Rep. Laurin Hendrix, R-Gilbert. This representative proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Republican Party is so incredibly out of touch that I can no longer in good conscience support them.

This person made it abundantly clear, with statements to the effect of, “I receive so many e-mails that I only read the first few lines and if it is negative e-mail I read no further. I only read e-mails with positive and helpful suggestions.” You have to be kidding. He came across as completely out of touch.

It was pointed out that Arizona ranked 51st in 2007-08 for expenditures per student (straight from the National Education Association Web site). To which Hendrix’s only reply was that he questioned the statistics. I could not be more disappointed in this elected official.

I give him credit for having the guts to show up at all, especially since he did not seem to have even one supporter at this particular meeting. His pet project, however, seemed to be water quality as opposed to our children’s quality of education. Disgraceful, especially since the cornerstone of his last campaign and quotes attributed to him such as, “I support across-the-board cuts with the exception of education, public safety and technology,” were widely publicized. Clearly if this is representative of the Republican Party, we should fight them tooth and nail. I have been a Republican all of my life, but enough is enough. No wonder no one has any respect for politicians if this is what is representing us.




To catch an extremist

If U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano “really” wants to catch “extremists,” all she has to do is go outside. They’re lurking all around Washington, D.C., masquerading as congressmen, lobbyists, loyal government appointees, employees who don’t pay their taxes, defense contractors who over charge, doctors and medical companies who cheat medicare, etc.

Get real, Janet!




Pointing out the real facts

The Tribune’s May 3 article “Thousands Protest Arpaio on Immigration” really should have pointed out that many of these protesters are interlopers from other states, whereas 730,426 of us from Maricopa County voted for Sheriff Joe Arpaio this last election, as well as landslides in his previous four elections.




Fear a federal monopoly

Richard K. Meszar’s recent letter, Break away from one-party government,” was excellent. Change “state” to “federal” and “governor” to “president” and his letter describes the current national problem. The greatest damage to our well-being is the Democratic Party’s monopoly of the federal government. Meszar’s solution to the state problem will work at the national level. Vote them out!”




Use effective employee verification

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., and Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas, recently re-introduced bipartisan legislation (H.R. 2029 — New Employee Verification Act) that would replace the current federal employee verification system — E-Verify — with a more effective program. While it is technically true Giffords wants to end the E-Verify program, it is more accurate to say that she wants to replace it with a new paperless Electronic Employment Verification System that is tougher, fairer and that would apply to every company in the United States.

Currently, Arizona and a few other locations have laws that require employers to participate in the E-Verify program even though there is no federal mandate for enrollment. The New Employer Verification Act would require all employers throughout the nation to use the new system to ensure that workers are legal. A federal program would have a more meaningful impact to curb illegal hires than ones that are imposed on a state by state basis.

The proposed new system provides real sanctions for companies that fail to use the system and evade the law. It systematically increases the civil and criminal penalties for hiring illegal workers. The electronic verification system would be a more accurate and user-friendly system than what is currently available. Employers confirm eligibility by entering employee identification data through a state’s “new hire” reporting program, a database that more than 90 percent of employers currently use.

By implementing a system that is more reliable and efficient than E-Verify, Giffords’ legislation not only safeguards U.S. citizens’ identities and protects against immigrants who commit identity fraud, it also levels the playing field by requiring employers in all states to adhere to the same employment requirements. As the country moves towards mandatory employee verification, her effort is a thoughtful step forward.



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