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The Vent: March 30

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Posted: Friday, March 30, 2012 11:14 am

“Since Arizona legislators can vote on laws to watch teachers’ language, what they teach and close down schools, let’s make laws for politicians that they must be 100 percent honest, moral and not waste time making stupid laws.”

“The right-wing policies and attitude in Florida parallels the right-wing in Arizona. What does the GOP have to be proud of?”

“Now let me get this straight. We incentivize the rich to work by giving them more: lower taxes, subsidies, etc. But we incentivize the poor to work by giving them less: reducing health care coverage, unemployment benefits, food stamps, etc. I guess the rich are truly different than the average American.”

“Amigos and amigas, please leave Joe Arpaio alone. He has a mucho important project that he is working on that is of vital interest to national security — Obama’s birth certificate.”

“Last week’s Venter ... couldn’t decide between Michele Bachmann’s promise of $1.99 gas or Newt Gingrich’s promise of $2.50. In my opinion, both of them look better than Emperor Obama’s promise of $8 for a gallon of gas.”

“With regard to Dick Cheney’s heart transplant, the power of money never ceases to amaze me. I wonder how long the medical profession will keep this guy alive. And, when (or if) he does go to that neo-con place in the sky, will they preserve his brain — presuming he has one? Oh, well, I hope the heart donor was a nice liberal Democrat, because I do believe that even people like Cheney can be rehabilitated. With the proper equipment, he might even resemble a decent human being.”

“The liberals have stated that there are 5 million ‘disenfranchised voters’ that would be affected by a voter ID law since they do not have any form of ID or transportation to the voting booths. I wonder how many of these ‘disenfranchised voters’ are able to present some form of ID and/or a ride to file for welfare benefits, food stamps, or unemployment benefits?”

“The federal government has no right to mandate health insurance. Nor should it mandate privately owned hospitals to care for people with no money or insurance. We would have maggot-infested bodies laying everywhere like dead animals along the road, but we would be proud of our mandate-free society. Where does the government get the crazy idea it has to promote the common welfare of this nation?”

“There’s hope for the ‘new’ generation yet. Picking up the last of my clothes from the laundry room dryer and came across a 20-something young man wringing out a bunch of soggy clothes that our finicky washing machines didn’t feel like running through the spin cycle. Here it was around midnight on a Saturday night and this young man was doing his folks laundry. Every time he said something to me, he called me, ‘Sir.’ You sure don’t meet many like him anymore.”

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