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The Vent: Jan. 25

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Posted: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 11:13 am

"Everywhere I go, all I see is our younger generation walking around looking like cell-phone zombies. Is it just me or are others of you out there as concerned as I am?"

"Before Mike McClellan and his military bashing liberal buddies offer their ill-informed opinions regarding combat troops, it might be more credible if they had actually ever worn the uniform. And maybe even have some combat experience. McClellan pontificates on ‘deplorable behavior' and ‘punishment' as if war were some kind of academic exercise. Such a foolish blowhard should scare every Dobson High School parent as to what idiocy he fostered in his classroom. Leave the warfighting to professionals and go back to splitting your infinitives."

"Michael Reagan's column ‘Emperor Obama seeing a little rain fall' (Jan. 20) spells out President Barack Hussein Obama's nearly-limitless power. It clearly shows that Obama's re-election is doomed if ObamaCare gets ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court."

"Wow South Carolina! Way to let your racist freak-flag fly! No dog whistles necessary! After watching the Republican debates and the reaction of the audiences, I think maybe it would be a good fit for Sheriff Joe if he's looking to relocate!"

"Bad news: Rick Perry dropped out of the running. Now I have no one to vote for."

"Newt rocks!"

"The only candidate that does not have even the slightest chance of beating Obama is Ron Paul. Why should I support him?"

"When alcohol was illegal it was controlled by criminal gangs. Just like marijuana is today."

"Why if there is nothing wrong with Fast and Furious would anyone from the DOJ need to plead the fifth? Is it because the President has ordered him to lie?"

"When gasoline hits $4.25 a gallon this summer, Obama's goose is cooked. No amount of Democrat-spin will extricate him. This Keystone pipeline decision is a gift to the Republicans."

"Anyone spouting about 10,000 lost jobs because Obama nixed the Keystone pipeline is lying. The real number is less than 5,000 jobs to build the pipeline and only 50 or so would be permanent jobs. Also, that pipeline has zero to do with current gas prices."

"Just another friendly note to hiring managers and human resources personnel: People with academic degrees have proven that they're trainable and therefore are qualified (not overqualified) for a wide range of jobs. (Some of us are still trying to keep our houses. Yes, really). Are you worried that we'll leave if offered a better opportunity? Well, here are three answers: Nobody knows what the future holds, that could take years, and wouldn't someone with a GED do the same?"


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