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Letter: Racist rant is typical response from the left

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Posted: Friday, March 9, 2012 11:35 am

Fred Barlam of the Ahwatukee Foothills recently submitted comments to The Inbox claiming to be “a Jew.”

He purports to speak for all Jews in his denunciation of the “fellow Jew” Tom Horne (our Arizona Attorney General whose family actually fled Third Reich Germany to Canada). Furthermore, he lambasts Glenn Spencer (a card carrying member of the Jewish Defense League whose two daughters are both married to Jews) as “anti-Semitic” for stating the obvious fact that Jews run the major media networks and that Jews run Hollywood these days (except Mel Gibson of course). In fact, Glenn Spencer’s American Border Patrol and VCT (Voices of Citizens Together) has had a strong nexus with Jews since the very beginning (including with the famous Jew Hal Netkin). Mr. Barlam’s racist rant is typical of the knee-jerk reactionary xenophobia we have come to expect emanating from those who use inflammatory supremacist pejoratives and racist epitaphs to foment hate and push their twisted world view upon others. Their fear-based approach is the linchpin upon which emotional arguments, rather than rational responses to their issues, are firmly hinged. I do not think Mr. Barlam understands what a Jew or a Semite even is. Little less what being “anti-Semitic” or being “a fellow Jew” truly entails. As a Jew, there are many noble causes one may immerse themselves in during today’s tumultuous political clime in order to help change our world to a better place for Jews, and for all people. Hatefully denouncing people with a varying opinion as “anti-Semitic” or Nazi at every turn is simply not one of them. Not every Jew who has a critical eye of other Jews is a so-called self-hating Jew either. It is high time to stop being a schmendrick living in a Spielberg movie and deal with reality. After all, even Mel Gibson eventually had to stop blaming his personal demons upon others.

J.T. Ready

Democratic candidate for Pinal County Sheriff

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