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Letters to the editor: January 19

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Posted: Saturday, January 19, 2008 2:19 am | Updated: 8:42 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Presidential race — Project and conquer?

After reading Tom Liddy’s letter (Jan. 10), it seems that he fancies himself another Karl Rove. He states that “Some Democratic voters lie to pollsters when there is an African-American on the ballot.”

He comes to this conclusion without a single shred of evidence to support it. Tom Liddy seems to think that he can cause dissent among Democrats by bringing up the idea of racism. Sen. Barack Obama has not suggested it himself. No one with any credibility has suggested it. Only those who hope to create racial strife. The fact Liddy, a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, is so quick to start down this road makes me suspect that it is he who has a problem with race, and by projecting his own beliefs onto others he believes he can disrupt the Democrats.

I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but I’m sure I am not the only one who recognizes these slimy tactics. Why don’t you get an honest job, Tom? You aren’t nearly as slick as you seem to think you are.

Danny Farrell


Chandler City Council — Gratifying response

Over the next few weeks, Chandler’s mayor and council members will be selecting someone to fill the temporary vacancy on the City Council. The response by the residents of Chandler to the application process was very gratifying and is a testament to the tremendous citizen involvement in our community.

Based on the excellent resumes of the people who applied, I have no doubt a well-qualified person will be selected to serve. We should thank the applicants for their enthusiasm and desire to contribute.

For those who are not selected this time, I encourage you to continue your participation in the city of Chandler. I am very proud of the community I represent and the willingness of our citizens to serve is yet another example of why.

Sen. Jay Tibshraeny

Former Mayor


Bullies — Start small for big results

When you were a child in school, did you ever get picked on, did you ever have to deal with a bully? Did you ask yourself, “what do I do?” The answer is, nothing. Some people are bullies and they like to be bad. If you want to know the causes of war, just watch children on a playground, it’s all there.

Sometimes aggressors with evil intent cause wars, and when that happens one needs to take up arms and defend the innocent. When we know how to prevent bullies on school grounds among children, we will know how to prevent wars.

James R. Scher


Drunken driving — Waring on right road

I will support any and all DUI bills and/or laws that are written by Sen. Jim Waring. My oldest son, age 38, was in a critical car accident last October, caused by a man who was drunk. The other man hit my son’s car head-on with his truck, while speeding and at a .25 level of intoxication. This was the man’s second DUI charge. He also left the scene of the accident, was later found, arrested and then released the same night. He is now driving with a valid Arizona driver’s license, as he has not had a court date yet suspending his license or spending any jail time. My son was not at fault and did not receive any citations.

My son had to be extracted from the car with the jaws-of-life tools, was flown by helicopter to the hospital and spent two weeks in ICU and another two weeks in the rehab ward. It was only a miracle that he survived!

He will be in a wheelchair for at least another two months and will be on disability for about one year. He is married with two children and the main breadwinner for the family.

I do not understand how anyone with more than one DUI, three times over the limit, and fleeing the scene of a critical accident still has a driver’s license and has yet to spend time behind bars! Please help Jim Waring to do something about our lack of DUI laws in this state.

There is no reason why citizens of this country and this state should have to put up with drunks on our streets who change the lives of others, mutilate others, or kill others because of their intoxication. I support tougher laws for those who choose to drive drunk!

Claudia R. Claunch


Health care — ALS walk today

Two events honoring ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) patients are taking place this week. At 9 a.m. today, approximately 1,500 people (patients, families and friends) will gather at Tempe Town Lake for the Walk to D’Feet ALS to spread a message of courage and overcoming adversity. They’re a small but dedicated group trying to increase awareness of the disease. Despite a virtual death sentence, many patients maintain an outlook far more positive than those in good health.

The victims’ stories are compelling. Take Stuart Bridges, formerly the sixth-ranked tennis player in the Southwest in his age group, who was honored at a Wildflower Bread Co. restaurant Thursday night. Bedridden after a nine-year battle, he still motivates others. Or Jessica, who, unable to use her legs, was adventurous enough to take a six-hour Harley ride to Mount Lemmon and around Tucson. Or Scott, who didn’t quit after being diagnosed in March 2006. He formed Scott’s Heroes, and their team has raised more than $75,000 in two years benefiting patient services and ALS research.

Take the time to join them at Town Lake. You’ll see people living life to its fullest despite their limitations.

Kevin Riley

Volunteer Co-Chairman, 2008 Walk to D’Feet ALS


Open government — Not too much to ask

I am very disappointed with the Scottsdale City Council’s decision not to issue written public job evaluations of its charter officers. Even before I was elected in 2003, the Scottsdale school board issued an annual written evaluation of the superintendent. While I was on the board, its members voted to expand the process to include the opinions of its stakeholders. The board unanimously adopted a 360-degree evaluation instrument that included input from their parents, teachers and administrators.

I don’t understand the majority’s aversion to a more open evaluation process. After all, our taxes pay their salaries and we have a legitimate right to know the council’s reasons for compensating, promoting or terminating our key employees.

Christine Schild


Romney the top applicant

What do we really want and need in a president? Not just a lawyer, though he must be familiar with the law. Certainly not just some career politician, though familiarity with political processes is essential. And not even just a businessman, even though experience with business is warranted for so many reasons. We want and need someone likeable, with character, intelligence, some familiarity with international dealings, someone trustworthy, honest in their dealings with others and also stable in their personal and family relationships.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney appears to carry the most desirable credentials for traits and experience necessary as an applicant for the presidency. He has character, as witnessed by all those clients with whom he has interacted in government and business for many years. He is still married to his first and only wife and certainly displays stability in his family affairs.

With a Harvard MBA degree in business and finance, and a history of successfully pulling corporations and, more impressively, the beleaguered 2002 Olympics out of the quagmire of debt, he obviously has the experience and intelligence to understand government finance . His approach to a joint public and private health care solution is unique to typical myopic tax and pay solutions and is desperately needed.

Romney understands the legal requirements in our complex society because he is also a cum laude graduate as a juris doctor of Harvard Law School. As an applicant for the presidency of the United States, and an opportunity for the voters to see real change to government-as-usual in Washington, Mitt Romney really has no peers. If we want change, but change with experience and a vision to guide us to an America we all envision, Mitt Romney is a highly qualified applicant.

Jerry White


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