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Letters to the editor: Oct. 30

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Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2008 5:33 pm | Updated: 9:11 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

It is with a sense of civic responsibility and pride that we endorse Zita Johnson for re-election to the Tempe Union High School Board. For more than 20 years we’ve known and worked with Zita.

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Johnson merits vote

It is with a sense of civic responsibility and pride that we endorse Zita Johnson for re-election to the Tempe Union High School Board. For more than 20 years we’ve known and worked with Zita. She has proven to be a dedicated public servant — objective, inclusive, well-informed, and a good listener. Zita’s career and public service have been dedicated to children and families.

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She is a retiree from Arizona State University, serving as director of the Child Study Lab. This experience, plus community service including Tempe Community Council, Tempe Community Action Agency, Open Horizons, the city’s Human Relations Commission and much more, has given her a broad understanding of the educational and family issues facing families and children of all socio-economic levels. Zita has demonstrated she is willing to take on difficult issues, listen to all sides, work for consensus solutions, and steadily move forward with positive action.

Zita is qualified to lead and committed to serving the young people of our community. Please join us in supporting and re-electing Zita for the critical job of providing vision and common-sense direction for the Tempe Union High School District.




Back Severson, Anderson

With all the craziness of the presidential election, it is easy for another election — three positions on the Gilbert Public Schools District Governing Board — to get lost in the barrage of ads, mailers, and signs. It may not be as prominent, but it certainly is important. We have two new faces to this race in what has been largely an uncontested election. I would like to encourage you to support Dr. Adelaida Severson and E.J. Anderson.

I first met Severson as she was heading off to China. Her business had a contract to help with the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. As a business owner, she understands budgets, the importance of communication, and the need for a qualified workforce that can compete in a global economy. As a mother with young children in the district, she has the passion and desire to ensure our students receive a quality education.

E.J. Anderson is not a new face to Gilbert, but someone we have known and trusted for a long time. She brings a different experience to the board, as a mother whose children have experienced many years in Gilbert schools, knowledge of the community and a personal professional passion for education. Our district is facing many challenges and we need insightful leaders to address our competing needs and limited resources. Please support Dr. Adelaida Severson and E.J. Anderson as two new governing board members.




Orlando is fiscal steward

Like the rest of the nation until recently, Chandler was on a growth binge: new malls, power centers, homes, restaurants, parks and recreation centers, wider streets and intersections brought new opportunities to residents to shop, eat, live, work, play and commute. The binge seems to have ended abruptly, and the Chandler City Council, like the rest of our leaders in state and national office, face tough choices. How do we protect our gains over the last 10 years in the face of rising unemployment, a credit crunch, falling home values, and rising foreclosures?

Fortunately for city voters, Chandler has a tested and experienced leader in Councilman Matt Orlando. Matt has served on the council for 12 years. As a member of the council’s Budget Committee, Matt has helped the city adopt economic and fiscal strategies that are the envy of surrounding communities. During these troubling times, we can count of Orlando to continue being an excellent steward of our tax dollars. I urge you to vote for experienced leadership by returning Matt Orlando to the Chandler City Council.




Shadegg’s wrong responses

I am appalled with John Shadegg’s recent treatment of World War II veteran Constantine O’Neill. Shadegg’s ad campaign touts his “rare commitment to principles.” O’Neill, who fought for our freedom during America’s darkest hour, begged Shadegg not to use his image in a campaign ad. Shadegg responded by telling O’Neill he “should not have attended the event if you did not wish to have your picture taken.” Telling a veteran he has no business attending a rally meant to honor his service is a rare quality. When O’Neill told Shadegg “you are exploiting me and my fellow POWs,” Shadegg responded that “when you attend a public event people will take pictures to use as they wish.” Shadegg said he had no idea O’Neill would “react so strongly” to being used as a political prop.

Shadegg doesn’t give a hoot about the wishes of a bona-fide American hero, but Shadegg has always been a vocal advocate of war. His treatment of O’Neill shows he doesn’t value the soldiers who fight the wars he votes for. Shadegg’s recent vote against the new GI Bill is further evidence that he doesn’t care a whit for our troops — he has reliably voted to put their lives on the line, and reliably refused to provide them with education and medical care when they return. It’s true that Shadegg’s commitment to principle is rare — because no one else shares his hypocritical values.




Would not protect voters

It is a shame that the campaign literature and even the name of a proposition to change our state constitution can be so deceptive and misleading. That is what exists concerning Proposition 105. I received a mailer saying it is to protect the voters. The truth is just the opposite.

If passed, it would give non-voters power over voters. A voter is someone who cares enough to vote, not someone who once upon a time registered but does not turn out to vote. To require a majority of registered voters to approve a proposition truly empowers non-voters to negate the voice of the people, the voters. The proponents of Prop. 105 named it “majority rule, let the people decide.” Majority rule is the pattern of democracy. However, it is intended to be the majority of the people who care enough to cast their vote.

Please protect democracy, the voice of the people, by defeating Proposition 105.



Slowing down bad spending

I disagree with the Anna Marsolo’s Oct. 11 letter about her opposition to Proposition 105. I think it is wrong for special interest groups to get new taxes and spending programs enacted due to low voter turnouts and force everyone who does and does not vote to pay for them. Our state constitution is made up of an elaborate system of checks and balances designed to prevent tyranny of interest groups looking to push their agenda on others.

Prop. 105 would put the brakes on things, like taxes for stadiums and bond issues for hotels, and is only applicable to state initiatives related to taxes and spending. This proposition is needed now more than ever.



Giving power to uninvolved

If Proposition 105 passes, everyone who does not care enough about our country to vote, will automatically be given a “no” vote. They do not deserve to be given anything related to an election and certainly not a vote against many of the people who do care enough to get out and vote. This would grossly shift every election in favor of the “I don’t care about my country” folks, which is incredibly unfair, un-American and, I would think, unconstitutional.

Who dreamed up this travesty and what in the world were they thinking? Why would anyone want to give votes to people who do not vote?



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