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Letters to the editor: December 26

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Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2007 7:59 pm | Updated: 6:54 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Store protests unjustified

It appears that the Hispanic community leaders are misrepresenting their efforts at the Phoenix furniture store as a protest effort for immigrant rights when they are really working to protect illegal immigrants. It appears that they want to continue Phoenix as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. One bit of flawed thinking that the pilgrims were illegal immigrants overlooks the fact that there were no federal laws then.

Thankfully, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is willing to enforce present federal illegal immigration laws. Think about the nature of the criminal element presently being apprehended.



Latinos in danger?

All the anti-immigration hysteria reminds me of Europe before World War II. I wasn’t alive then but I heard stories from my friend’s late father, an Auschwitz survivor. Hitler and his cronies whipped up such anti Semitic frenzy that nearly all of Germany blamed their economic woes on the Jews. The same is happening in Arizona and across the U.S. This time the hatred is heaped upon Latinos, even though there are plenty of undocumented Asian, European and Canadian immigrants living and working in the U.S.

The Holocaust started slowly, first by words. Then with laws. We know the rest. There is no reason why a Latino Holocaust can’t happen in the U.S., a supposedly Christian nation. We are all immigrants to the U.S., except Native Americans who lived here first and African Americans who came here as slaves. God loves all his children, or so I was taught, and he will help us end the hate.




Columnist should disclose lobbying ties

I appreciate the Tribune disclosing that Sam Coppersmith supports Rep. John Shaddegg’s opponent in his Dec. 16 column critiquing Shadegg’s health care bill (“Plenty of options for rich, healthy,” Perspective). Why not go just a bit further? Coppersmith’s law firm is a registered lobbyist for the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association per the Secretary of State Web site: www.azsos.gov/scripts/Lobbyist_Search.dll/ZoomLOB?LOB_ID=3602289. The hospitals are every bit a special interest as are the insurers, which Coppersmith risibly accuses of enjoying throwing children off life rafts.

To wit, hospitals have a vested interest in having as much money slosh into the health care system with as few restrictions as possible. With more money available, they have more slack to work out their legitimate challenges, such as running legal mazes at Medicare and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. That’s well-intended, but it’s the consumer that ends up footing a little bit of everybody else’s bill. I have to foot someone else’s chiropractic bills, even though I have no intention of ever going to a chiropractor.

Coppersmith has not made a secret of his lobbying in past columns. But for the benefit of new readers, why not remind them of this every time Coppersmith writes about health care? Anything else would be cherry-picking!




Failing to cover some losses

Recently my son, a 20-year-old with a good job and no prior driving incidents, was involved in an accident on the Santan Freeway near Val Vista Drive. A ladder, which had fallen off a construction truck, was in the fast lane of the freeway. Due to a number of split-second decisions, my son’s nearly brand new Scion TC crashed through eight median posts and shredded the front and side of his car. Thank God he came out unscathed, but his car was totaled. So the battle of the insurance companies began.

The long and short of this story is that even though my son was not at fault, he still had to end up eating about $5,000. This is even after our insurance paid out. I am sure that everyone who has ever been in an accident knows that you’ll never get back just what you paid. I guess that we are just supposed to be grateful that we get whatever we get from insurance. But I believe it is up to all insurance companies to fully compensate a person’s loss if the fault was not theirs. We couldn’t even sue the company because my son wasn’t hurt.

The construction company responsible for the accident didn’t even apologize and its insurance company said my son was at fault, even though they didn’t have any police reports to say otherwise. This whole experience has left a sour taste in our mouths and we just hope that this never happens again!




Cleaning up Arizona’s air

We are not doing enough to support cleaning up the air that we breathe in Arizona. It used to be the place that people came to because of the dry clean air we had. Now the times have changed, and we are the cause, all of us.

A family used to have just one car, and now it is not unusual to find at least two cars and often more than that because the kids now own their own cars, and those also add to the pollution. Some things are happening now to lower those cars’ pollutants. Hydrogen, electric and ethanol are coming soon to help, even though the government is still backing the major oil companies and the major car manufactures to produce gas-burning autos. Wonder what would happen if by a certain date you could not drive a gasoline automobile any longer? In two months we would have electric, hydrogen, and ethanol-driven autos and trucks, all without one drop of gasoline being burned. Of course, President Bush would veto that in a heartbeat.

We must start right here in the Valley with a couple of ideas that would work to clean our air. We have a place on Lower Buckeye Road that is a dropoff for the garbage we collect every day from surrounding towns, and of course Phoenix. Guess what happens to the methane gas that is emitted from that garbage?

It is vented into our atmosphere and adds to global warming and pollution of the air we breathe. Of course it could be used to power generators or even used to power vehicles used by the city. The city buses would be an example. Why isn’t that being done, Gov. Napoltano?




It’s not too hot

It’s about time. Why should we go to California or somewhere else for a decent amusement park? Let’s keep the money in Arizona, I will most definitely have season passes. And as for the heat, well, Magic Mountain in the summer is just as hot, but we still go.



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