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Letters to the editor: April 10

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Posted: Thursday, April 9, 2009 7:14 pm | Updated: 1:12 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

 Recently, the Mesa City Council voted 6-1 to deny a tattoo business a permit to operate in the area of Dobson Ranch. The argument was this type of business was not a good fit for the neighborhood.

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Mesa allows to flourish

Recently, the Mesa City Council voted 6-1 to deny a tattoo business a permit to operate in the area of Dobson Ranch. The argument was this type of business was not a good fit for the neighborhood.

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On the surface, that type of scrutiny of a business’ location based on the type of business they conduct seems to have some merit. However, that same City Council has never applied that same scrutiny to one of the 29 massage parlors operating within two miles of the proposed location for the tattoo business. There is a reason Mesa has a proliferation of massage parlors that far exceeds any other city in our state. It is because they are allowed to operate anywhere in our city without anything close to the oversight that was applied to a tattoo business applicant.

City Council member David Richins wrote to me that it is the state that regulated the massage business, and that superseded anything the council could do. While it is true the state licenses individuals to practice massage, the state does not have regulations regarding the number of allowable establishments or their locations. In fact, under Arizona Revised Statutes 32-4258, a county or municipality can adopt and enforce regulations affecting the establishments, locations or settings in which individuals, entities or businesses engage in the practice of massage therapy.

The mantra among council members is always the same: “We are working with the staff and police on this problem.” However, the only thing that has changed in the last five years is the continued proliferation of these massage businesses in our neighborhoods. If the council is in fact sincere that they have an interest in having businesses in our neighborhoods that are the right fit, they need to start working on the right problems.



President Obama

Ranting without the facts

I found Austin Hill’s commentary in the March 29 Tribune a bit underwhelming. I understand economic times are tough, but having someone to write about economic issues without financial citings is, well, a bankrupt notion. This article appeared to be a ranting diatribe over what should’ve been a well-thought-out economic article. There were no supporting facts.

For instance, his thesis was an economic stance on how President Barack Obama was not interested in growing the U.S. economy — OK, that’s a fair statement if he supports his claims rather than just makes blanket statements like, “the majority of the ‘stimulus bill’ devoted to congressional pet projects — free condoms, child care, tattoo removal.” What percentage or how much? That’s like me saying Hill uses the majority of his brain when writing without letting people know his IQ is 85.

“Obama wants to weaken U.S. economically”? Really? Hill must either have tremendous economic proof or be part of the presidential Cabinet to make such strong public statements. He provided neither. Pretty strong statements without any numbers to back it up.

The author made this a political issue by obfuscating the economic thesis behind a guise to disparage the president. Does the author understand the flow of funds, the velocity of money, credit default swaps, gross domestic product, output, currencies, etc?

On the brighter side, I will say the article was fluid, like the liquidity in the foreign exchange markets, or the foreign direct investment into U.S. Treasuries from sovereign funds.

Aram Chavez

Managing Director, Pacific Investment Partners, Phoenix


Gays should serve openly

I believe it’s time to acknowledge that there are many gay men and women serving honorably in all branches of our military. It is unfair and unwise to require them to keep secret their personal identity. It appears the reason this is the current law is because it “offends” some sensibilities of fellow soldiers. The time has come, as in the general population, for us to recognize gays are an integral part of our society and they always have been. I support repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy now.



American culture

Rebellion of hate is problem

I believe the post-World War II rebellion against morality, ethics and authority is the single factor underlying all of America’s woes today. The economic mess, world relationships, the drug problem, decline in education and births out of wedlock are all products of the culture revolution.

Most parents who grew up after World War II know we are suffering today as a direct result of a subtle war on American values and Christian principles. What happened then has a lot to do with what is happening today.

Left-wing dissent took its toll on many impressionable students who turned their back on most everything traditional and opened their arms to fast money, sex and drugs. Rebelling against authority was cool, but learning how to hate was deadly.

The recent rash of high-profile boomers, senators, governors, CEOs, Wall Street brokers, etc. who have been convicted of felonies suggests those “isolated cases” have a common thread. They all grew up during a period when some unsuspecting young people soaked up enough far-left propaganda to distort their understanding of right and wrong.

The dilemma should be acknowledged and explained by a fact-based press as a first step toward saving those young people in whom hatred might be generated. Learning the value which morality and ethics would have to them in a healthy, strong society might open their mind to a life of true happiness and purpose.

Robert Blazier


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