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Letters to editor: June 6

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Posted: Monday, June 7, 2010 10:34 am

OIL SPILL: End oil addiction now

In light of the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, the BP oil spill in the Gulf, it’s more than evident that our senators must take action this year to reduce America’s dependence on oil and other dirty fuels.

This man-made nightmare is costing the United States millions of jobs and more in lost income, while also threatening our shores, ocean ecology and sea life.

Now more than ever, it’s time to hold polluters accountable and end our oil addiction so we can enhance our security, economy and reduce the likelihood of future oil catastrophes.

Beyond the damages inflicted from events like the BP oil spill, Big Oil also continues to pollute the world over as a major contributor to global climate change. This too has negative impacts that, left unaddressed, will cause irreversible damage to our planet.

Climate change causes extreme weather patterns such as droughts, floods, an increased prevalence of severe storms, and rising sea levels. The effects of these conditions are devastating to communities throughout the world.

When addressing the press this week, President Obama noted that the heartbreaking spill makes the passage of climate change legislation all the more urgent this year. It’s critical for the U.S. Senate to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation now. Not in 2011 or 2012, but in 2010, because we can’t afford any further delays to safeguarding our environment, economy, and national security from further harm.

Jessica Schneider

Tempe, National Wildlife Federation

OIL SPILL: Work on long-term solution

Which administrative approach to the British Petroleum gulf crude oil mess is most appropriate? Obviously it depends on what values are most important to you. If you are a Gulf Coast resident, a fisherman or other similarly impacted person, you want everything imaginable to be employed to protect you — regardless of who has to pay the costs. If you are only indirectly impacted, a taxpayer concerned about government spending, not a consumer of those Louisiana shrimp, or otherwise concerned about indirect financial impacts, you want BP to pay the full costs.

As the oil spreads from Louisiana east across Mississippi, Alabama and Florida beaches and eventually up the North Atlantic, more and more people are going to view themselves in the former camp (those directly impacted) and less and less in the latter camp.

Eventually, however, we will all have to pay. We all consume crude oil products. And even if BP is bankrupted, the financial impact on that industry will lead to higher prices. Where “drill baby, drill” has proven itself to be an unwise and imprudent goal, President Carter’s concern from 1976 about dependence upon crude oil will prove to have been wise. So let’s stop our narrow focus on who is going to have to pay and refocus ourselves on our long-term future. Ocean shrimp are great. Oil products are vital, too. And for the immediate future, we are stuck with using them. But clearly oil and water do not mix well.

It’s past time to stop acting so shortsightedly. And like it or not, when the open markets do not have any meaningful long-term focus and are instead limited to short-term profits, the government must step in to stimulate a change in focus. Believe it or not, we all are going to have to pay for that sort of change, unless of course we can learn to eat crude oil instead of shrimp!

Dale Whiting, Chandler

POLITICS: Get involved

Government trust has been broken. No money and a whole lot of promises. I, however, will get on my emotional white horse and charge with my frustrations into the future and do my patriotic duty, I will vote. This frustration with government has recently changed. Government can be good and I have been able to define my purpose by becoming involved. I became involved because Justin Olson is running for House District 19. He has researched how government funds are created and how these monies are spent by those who receive this money. He has voiced this knowledge at the legislature for and against pieces of legislation. This is public record. He believes in limited government and will not accept governmnet funding to help in his campaign. He works hard and has helped me become involved. He puts people ahead of the process and not in back of the process. The future is bright and I am happy to be part of it.

Donald R. Papa, Mesa

TRIBUNE: Where’s WAC coverage?

My wife and I had a great and exciting experience watching the WAC championship at Hokokam Stadium in Mesa with 400 fans in a 13,000-seat stadium. Hawaii upset Fresno State. Fresno State is a very good baseball program and won the College World Series two years ago.

It is unfortunate that your newspaper uses countless print on local negative items, i.e. SB 1070 and the protests/boycotts; Sheriff Arpiao; and sympathy articles about illegal immigrants rather than devoting some print to an event such as this, which is good for the community, our image, our economy and good sportsmanship. You could have printed the tournament schedule each day, the scores, which you did not. To get the schedule and bracket update, we had to go to the WAC website. There was one general article before the tournament about Fresno State. Note there were some local athletes on some of the rosters of the six teams.

This tournament not only signed to play in Mesa for this year but is committed for 2011 and 2012. The WAC chose Mesa as a neutral site and we think the press should be much more supportive rather than so political and anti-our community.

Jim and Donna Skaggs, Mesa

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