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The Vent: April 11

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Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 10:22 am

“Let me get this straight. A man is going to participate in the all-female Miss Universe beauty pageant, and yet women aren’t allowed to join a men’s country club? Personally, I’d like both of these to remain one gender. Next thing you know, we’ll see women playing in the NFL and men joining the Red Hat Society. Can’t wait for these gender benders.”

“It’s finally about that time that the Snowbirds start flying back! YAHOO!”

“Republicans accuse President Obama of stirring up class warfare by claims of wage disparity. The GOP could easily prove this by going back to a maximum 36-month car loan. Then someone would surely have to eat crow.”

“I don’t know what happened the night Trayvon Martin was killed. What I do know is: A gun should be the absolute last resort. It shouldn’t be the first thing you think of. It shouldn’t be, ‘Hey, I see somebody I don’t recognize walking through the neighborhood. I’m gonna go get my gun.’”

“In response to the Venter who stated that California restrictive gun control laws and illegal possession of guns on campuses make it safe. Anybody can obtain a gun and go on a killing spree and no law can prevent it. Let us not forget criminals and deranged people do not care about the law.”

“‘Clarence Thomas chides his colleagues for asking too many questions?’ (media posting). I guess he really isn’t a ‘seeker of truth’ when it comes to politics. It’s for the judges to decide when and from whom they’ve heard enough to make a learned decision. Thomas is setting himself up as an apparent stooge for Obama. How can one respect future decisions coming from an adjudicator with such reasoning?”

“To the Venter complaining about a 1 percent increase in real estate. Hey pea brain, real estate values are down 50 percent in the last 4 years because of Clinton’s Community Reinvestment Act of 1997. A 1 percent increase is a small pittance of help for the little guy.”

“Remember when the New Orleans Saints were ‘America’s Team’ for their comeback championship after Hurricane Katrina? Sadly, we now read and hear evidence that ‘America’s Team’ has now become ‘America’s Disgrace.’ Their downfall didn’t start with the players but with the team management. What has happened to America’s heroes since World War II? From church hierarchy, business CEOs, military leaders, politicians to American presidents, we see so many moral failures and ethical decay. It’s time to take back America and restore the good, old-fashioned, everyday American values that our parents, grandparents and ancestors lived by since America’s founding.”

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