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The Vent: Sept. 22

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Posted: Friday, June 22, 2012 6:27 am

“I’m a die-hard Republican and never thought I would feel sorry for Hillary Clinton, but I do. I constantly see her on TV doing her job having to deal with the problems in Syria and other places. This joke of a president is on TV a lot also, always giving a campaign speech in front of cheering crowds that don’t realize that half the stuff he says is BS. Hillary would have made a lot better president.”

“What can we expect next from President Obama? Perhaps something like — If you were a Democrat and died within the past 20 years, your vote should be counted in his total for the election.”

“In an interview in February 2009, President Obama said that he would be a one-term president if the economy did not recover in three years. It has been three-and-a-half years and the economy has not recovered. So, my question is, why is he even running for a second term?”

“Arizona is on the road to becoming a ‘Third World’ state. Where is our leadership? Our legislature is a bunch of ‘kooks.’ None of our congressman or senators have shown a nit’s worth of leadership. And our foremost leaders seem to be an incompetent governor, a has-been sheriff, a (lying) sheriff and a recalled kook who wants to be reelected on the same platform that got him recalled.”

“U.S. Constitution empowers only elected lawmakers to set congressional district boundaries in the state. The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) do not have the authority to draw the state’s political boundaries — and that’s why the Supreme Court should eventually take up the question to settle the redistricting dispute in Arizona.”

“In New York they are in the process of trying to regulate every aspect of your diet. Pretty soon the only legal food will be Soylent Green. In the future, pot will be legal but the brownies you put it in will not. Who knows where it will end but I know where it started. Smoking bans. When they instituted those they did it backwards. Rather than the government ban smoking they should have encouraged bars and restaurants to choose themselves make that choice on their own. After a short while most of the places that still allowed it would have to shut down due to a lack of business.”

“Do you ever wonder where your hard-earned tax dollars are going? Well, a chunk of it is going to 46 different women in the south who have a total of 78 children fathered by just three men. One man fathered 23 children by 17 women. Another man fathered 25 children by 18 women. The last man fathered a staggering 30 children by 11 women. Many women had multiple children from the same father to qualify for more welfare money. Can you imagine what Uncle Sam is shelling out to these 46 different women in food stamps, housing, utilities and health care costs, all of which are paid for by you, the hard-working middle-class taxpayer? You won’t find this story in our liberal media for the obvious reason.”

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