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Letters to the editor: January 13

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Posted: Sunday, January 13, 2008 11:31 pm | Updated: 9:17 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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EDUCATION — A better place to make cuts

It seems that Reps. Russell Pierce and Rich Crandall, both R-Mesa, and Sen. Bob Burns, R-Peoria, can’t wait to slash even more money from our children’s education. It is common knowledge that Arizona already spends less on our children than almost any other state in the union. Pierce and Burns are trying hard to make us dead last.

I found Crandall’s food analogy particularly amusing. He likened our current under-funded educational budget to eating at an expensive restaurant. Sir, our current budget does not allow us to eat expensively at The Phoenician. We are not even eating at Denny’s or Sonic. Being 49th out of 50 in educational spending has us eating at the “soup kitchen.” Our kids deserve better and our state demands better. Investing in our children is a down-payment on Arizona’s future. Remember, you get what you pay for.

However, I do believe that our state desperately needs some cuts. In November, we can cut the narrow-minded, backward thinkers from our state Legislature and replace them with leaders who know that our children are the key to a great Arizona!

Russell A. Sgro

Apache Junction

Mesa elections — They’re bums, throw them out

Now, since we are at the end of the reign of the incompetent, we, the voters, should vote for all new members of the Mesa City Council. Eighty million-plus dollars for a bait shop? How stupid was the council then? Councilman Tom Rawles in his idiotic attempt at drawing attention to himself.

In addition, I am sickened by the photos of ex-Councilman Rex Griswold and Vice Mayor Claudia Walters. The years have shown the incompetency of this group. Now it is time to bring in new shakers and movers. When the election is over, we need to fire the police chief for failing to perform his duties and that is to enforce all laws, especially, illegal immigration.

Jeff W. Durbin


state budget — GOP way: No highways

Why doesn’t the governor get it?

There she goes again: Gov. Janet Napolitano suggests a logical and thoughtful approach to balance the state budget, in a way that ensures that road construction doesn’t stop, our children’s education is not hurt, and so on. Doesn’t she understand that the right way to balance the budget is to slash and burn, as the Republicans in the Legislature suggest in their budget plan? Why, we need to cut university funding.

We need to halt freeway construction. We must eliminate health care for poor children. We can’t borrow to pay for new school construction (even though we borrow to pay for our own homes) — if we don’t have the cash, why, we just can’t build those schools. Jam more students into each classroom.

It just is beyond me why the governor doesn’t get it, why she doesn’t understand that in Arizona, you can’t balance the state budget in a thoughtful way, as she has proposed. Why doesn’t she understand that the best way, the Republican way, is just to cut everything, even if we slow down freeway construction, even if we take health insurance away from the state’s poorer children, even if we damage the state’s educational system even more?

Why doesn’t she get it?

Greg Glau


air quality — Self-perpetuating regulators

Rusty Bowers in his column (“EPA should leave ozone standards alone, Jan. 6) asks. “Why does the EPA seek to 'ratchet up’ the regulations on ozone pollution when the in-place regulations are working just fine?” There are two answers to this. The first is “because they can.” The second is that as a regulatory agency, they must continue to ratchet up the requirements to assure their devotees (environmental extremists) that they are doing their job, and to justify their existence.

They can because the current “everything green” and “everyone back to the caves except for me and mine” climate is such that anyone who dares question any environmental extremist dogma is immediately viewed as a heretic who should be burned at the stake. This is evident in the continual rantings of the “church of man-made global warming” clergy.

The really sad and silly thing about his whole thing is that the environmental extremists are not interested in fixing the problems posed by our dependence on foreign oil or pollution, they simply want to wield power. To be able to say “no” to every common-sense solution is their goal. A rational solution to this problem would include using the resources that we have, such as coal and shale oil, to solve our dependence problem in the interim, until cleaner technologies can be developed. The Germans made aviation gasoline from coal in World War II. Given that, it’s a certainty that we could make the 87-octane junk that is now selling for three dollars a gallon from our abundant coal supplies. The other thing that we could do is build some nuclear power plants, electrify and improve our railroads, and use them to move people and goods around the country, and take thousands of cars and large trucks off of our roads.

Richard Ward


Presidential election — Romney can fix this

Without channeling JFK and MLK, Mitt Romney nonetheless has a dream — a dream of an America just and united, strong in values, true to our founders and beyond the petty bickering. I suspect the rest of the candidates have similar dreams. But, what is the stuff that makes dreams come true? When our home needs repair, we do not turn to the man who hands out “hope” or the man who peddles the brand that “defines him” or the favorite son just because we know his name. We turn to the man who can do the best job for the price we can afford. That leaves more of our money in our pockets. He is a man who knows what the customers want and how to deliver.

Mitt Romney is “Mr. Fix-It.” His strong executive experience is studded with examples of “how to get there from here.” His success in business, in turning the Salt Lake Olympics around and in being governor of Massachusetts did not derive from passing out hope pills, but from a proven track record of vision, good judgment and executive and political skill. Besides his presidential look and strong, articulate voice, Romney has the stuff to fix our home. He is the man we should hire.

Tony Whitehorn


The GOP’s Jimmy Carter

I am a religious person, but Mike Huckabee’s religion does not impress me. He is another bleeding-heart Jimmy Carter who frees criminals with heartless disregard for their victims and total disregard for taxpayers who paid millions of dollars to get them convicted. I see this as all about self, ego, and public image, nothing anywhere near related to God.

Karen Williams


Lost and found

Camera, E.V. photos sought

I have a plea! On Dec. 17, our granddaughter flew back to Michigan after her first trip to Arizona. She lost her digital camera (gray and silver) on the shuttle bus from the airport to Alamo Rent A Car. She took over 100 pictures including Christmas lights, Phoenix Zoo Lights, Mormon Temple, Organ Stop Pizza, Tortilla Flat, Roosevelt Lake and Goldfield in Apache Junction. Hopefully, some honest person found her camera and is waiting to find the owner. I am the grandma and I live here.

Request is delayed because we too went to Michigan for the holidays and just returned. We would be so grateful to retrieve these valuable pictures. The camera is optional.

Please call (480) 373-2578 if you have any information on these pictures.



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