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Letters to editor: May 10

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Posted: Monday, May 10, 2010 2:00 pm | Updated: 3:45 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

PROP. 406: Family is worth it

I finally had to break down and buy new tires for the Suburban the first of April. I paid around $670 total at Discount Tire here in Gilbert.

I didn’t really have the cash, as times are tough, but I did it because I wanted my wife and kids to be safe. Regardless of road conditions or other vehicles, I was investing in keeping them as safe as I could. With the new .25 of 1 percent sales tax increase (Prop 406) I would have paid an additional $1.65 or so on top of the $670 I spent. I would have gladly done so, to protect my wife and kids. To make sure that regardless of circumstances, the police officers and fire rescue professionals would be able to get there on time... because it doesn’t matter how much I saved if someone I love loses their life. In an accident or a life threatening emergency, the shortage of officers means they may not get there in time or your house burns to the ground.

This is a true story about what I did a few weekends ago and how I will be voting on May 18th.

My family is worth it to me. So is yours. Don’t believe the hype. The reality is that even those on the Town Council opposed to this tax agree with all the experts that cuts will affect public safety.

Mark Sequeira, Small business owner, Gilbert

IMMIGRATION: Backlash is real

I’m trying to read as much as I can about this law and the backlash from it so I can make an informed decision for myself. If the backlash was only from high school students and the “illegal” immigrants themselves, I could maybe say that they are just immature and the illegals have the biggest stake in the law. But when cities and companies across the Unites States are talking boycott of my state because of it and possibly business interests around the world could do the same, and all the proponents of the law do is ridicule and say anyone against it are un-American... I see danger and lawmakers crafting laws and governors signing them trying to bank such a hot topic for political futures.

Jerome K. Klipsch, Apache Junction

IMMIGRATION: Hypocrisy is norm

It seems to me that the illegals have a problem with laws based on the Constitution of the United States. If we used the Constitution of Mexico to base our immigration law on, I bet you that they would cry even louder than they do now about the U.S. version. Hypocrisy is norm instead of the exception when it comes to our laws. Please read the law before you complain or protest about it. I did.

P.S. The media, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the dems are using you. Wake up!

James Campbell, Mesa

ECONOMY: Disgusted with big banks

After watching our stock market plummet, so many people unemployed, companies fail and way too many foreclosures, I am stymied to see the banks rear their shameful heads to try to protect themselves again. I have many family members who are unemployed and many who are struggling to make ends meet. We are all living one week at a time, paycheck to paycheck.

As we have seen, the banks took their bailout and left us high and dry without one payment being made back to the American people. They are paying lobbyists on Capitol Hill to protect them and they are making money while we are losing out jobs and life savings. Shame on our senators. Shame on our representatives. Whose side are you on? The side of working families or the big banks who got us into this mess?

Barbara McQuiddy, Mesa

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