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9/11 theories: We deserve better from a leader

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Posted: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 10:48 pm | Updated: 9:35 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

In a free society such as ours, obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion. We’re forever reading assorted news reports and editorials from the mainstream media that have bashed the Bush administration regarding some outlandish government-sponsored conspiracy theory of one form or another.

Often the facts regarding these theories have been distorted, and more often than not this bias is based primarily on that particular media’s own political opinion.

The mainstream media also reports the completely unqualified, unknowledgeable opinions of celebrities, who use their status to make outrageous accusations based on their twisted personal views and often a basic hatred for America.

In my humble opinion, that’s even worse than misreporting the facts. Does it really matter what these supposed celebrities think? After all, who really cares what someone like a Rosie O’Donnell believes? She’s a private citizen, someone who makes her living as an actress/comedian. Seems to me her personal political opinions don’t deserve true seriousness.

On the other hand, when we read outrageous opinions regarding a government conspiracy theory about 9/11 from an elected official such as state Sen. Karen S. Johnson (“Backing my claims about 9/11 questions,” Saturday) that lends pause. We need to take our elected officials’ opinions seriously.

But, this 9/11-Bush administration conspiracy theory is so outlandish, if not downright offending, it deserves be exposed for exactly what it is — a false and seditious accusation based on Johnson’s personal libertarianism/anarchist ideology. It’s an opinion she’s certainly entitled to have, but in this case, one that’s totally misguided.

Johnson spins a lot of rhetoric about the opinions of engineering experts who have claimed that it would have been physically impossible for the twin towers to collapse due to the impact caused by the two jets that slammed into the towers. Therefore, the only way a collapse could have happened is the towers had to have been dynamited just prior, or just after the jet’s impact. In other words, this was all pre-planned by the government.

Is Johnson suggesting that the Bush administration conspired with Osama bin Laden and his henchmen to coordinate the most heinous manmade disaster this country has ever seen? Is she suggesting they know each other? Or is she suggesting that the government didn’t know about bin Laden’s plan, but was planning to blow up the twin towers coincidently on the same day anyway?

If the latter is true, the government was obviously unaware of any hijacked aircraft. Thus, when the jets slammed into the twin towers, the burning fuel ignited the dynamite that was already pre-planted. What a stroke of luck and what an even more amazing coincidence. See how absurd this all is?

But why would the government commit such an atrocity? Because as Johnson summarizes near the end of her commentary, it’s all part of a grand scheme, and the necessary evil needed to ignite the Afghanistan/Iraq invasions, the formation of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act, which Johnson obviously believes was George W. Bush’s ultimate goal when he became president — to take away our civil rights in his quest to make America a police state while he becomes America’s fuehrer.

Unfortunately, this is the same kind of distorted propaganda that’s been used throughout history to fuel bigotry, hate and anarchy by those who thrive on creating a fictional bully pulpit and stepping stone as a way to extort their own political agendas.

Is Johnson’s conspiracy theory the best we can expect from our elected officials? Don’t we deserve professional representation, and not some distorted theory motivated by this particular senator’s political ideology, which serves more to draw attention to herself while insulting our intelligence?

Raymond Moers of Gilbert is a business owner and novelist.

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