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Letters to the editor: December 3

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Posted: Sunday, December 2, 2007 11:13 pm | Updated: 6:16 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Milking the master plan

A master plan to make Pinal County rich:

Issue about 30,000 residential building permits and 200 commercial building permits along a secondary two-lane road called Hunt Highway.

Make no pre-planned effort to improve this secondary road. Collect millions and millions of dollars in property taxes and spend not one dime to improve the road conditions.

Lower the speed limit on this “highway” to 35 mph. The average middle-class person already has to drive an average 1.5 hours to work. This just frustrates them even more.

Spend those collected tax dollars to buy the sheriff fancy photo radar vans and then line both sides of Hunt Highway with them.

Sit back and let that cash cow produce.

Now a smart public official realizes that these angry people represent about 60,000 votes that could change the balance of power in Pinal County. So how do they fix this problem?

Hide the polling locations. Only install two voter booths in the Walker Butte School (Johnson Ranch). This causes the line to go around the building and a 2.5-hour wait to vote discourages most of the voters.

Have the elected sheriff and county supervisor write articles for each publication about how much they are doing for the masses of middle-class people living along Hunt Highway.

Sit back and let that cash cow produce.




Military service commendable

My thoughts over Veterans Day gave me pause to quietly thank the many men and women who have selflessly and bravely served our country, and for the many who have died defending my personal freedoms that I enjoy today. When I read about Martin Sepulveda being called up for the third time while serving on the Chandler City Council, I took additional time to thank God for the courage of all men and women who have made personal sacrifices defending our country.

Sepulveda has been publicly exposed many times for his misdeeds on the Chandler City Council, but his past and current service for our country on a world stage should never be questioned. Even amid the impending investigations of his fraudulent misuse of his city-issued credit card for personal and private business expenses totaling nearly $9,000, or for spearheading a drive to fire the city manager, there should be some forgiveness. He may not be a very good council member, but he more than makes up for it when he is overseas.

I wish Sepulveda a safe deployment to Iraq and I thank him for making America a better place to live and raise our families. Take care.




Not enough of a priority

As a special educator and grandmother of another autistic statistic, I urge media coverage to help gain public support to push legislators to fund this critical area. I use some of my own money to buy needed supplies for the students I serve, but that is not appropriate.

President Bush just vetoed the 2008 education budget, but keeps upping the ante for the Iraq war (which my new son-in-law just left yesterday to go to for at least a year and a half). The veto override failed by only three votes. A new bill has to be re-done and re-voted on. Please help us try to get the funding for what the children of America need!




The squeakiest wheel

Re: Jeff Durbin’s letter of Nov. 28:

“When it’s hot, you want it cold. When it’s cold you want it hot, always wanting what is not.” The hue and cry from the populace is to “cut taxes,” “reduce spending” and reduce the size of government. The real problem is that in crying for cuts, no one is willing to identify a program to cut — Social Security, Medicare, corporate welfare, farm subsidies, foreign aid? The list is seemingly endless.

When a decision is made to cut spending, the ox that’s gored hollers “Ouch!” We want to eat cake and save it, too. Is it possible that the funds could be transferred from another program, which will impact the overall program less? It seems Defense Secretary Robert Gates made a political choice and chose the loudest “Ouch!”




Escaping the bishop?

Though Dale Fushek is said to be resigning his Catholic priesthood, he, nonetheless, is conducting services outside the church as a Catholic priest, not to take the place of church liturgy, he says, but to complement it.

Perhaps unintentionally, he is showing popular Catholic priests who wish to break out of Bishop Olmsted’s tight grasp a way to begin to do so.



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