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The Vent: Dec. 21

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Posted: Friday, December 21, 2012 9:13 am

“Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements. I involuntarily paid via taxation into these programs for almost 50 years so that I may receive the benefits I do now. Entitlements are handouts such as food stamps, WIC, rent subsidies, and free medical care given to people simply because the have the good fortune of living in this country.”

“In response to Mr. Llewellyn’s letter, the reason Horne and Montgomery cannot let the marijuana issue go, is that their fearless leader and controller of their puppet strings, Brewer, has been trying to get medical marijuana illegal, even though the voters said yes. She does not represent all of us, just her chosen few.”

“What does it mean to be well-regulated? Does it not require regulations? And what well regulated militia does not keep its arms secured in its well arms room? I’m all for regulations requiring safe keeping of arms in secure arms rooms. How about you?”

“Just when the Gilbert mass killing from this past May is fading into distant memory, it has happened again — this time, in Connecticut. And it will keep on happening until we recognize that we have a problem that we must deal with. No more “guns don’t kill people/people kill people” rhetoric. That clearly has not worked. If ever there was a need for a presidential commission and a national dialogue, this is it. President Obama must call for such a commission, staffed with mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies, gun control advocates, education advocates — heck, even throw in an NRA representative. Let Michael Bloomberg have a seat. Let’s look at all the states’ laws, the federal laws, the internet, the gun show laws, and see whether the Brady Law is being enforced and whether we need to reinstate or modify the old law on assault weapons. What we have is obviously unsustainable, and Americans — our children — are dying. The Constitution never intended that to happen. Let’s work together for a change.”

“President Obama was moved to tears when addressing the nation regarding the Newtown shootings. Why doesn’t he cry for all the lives of children ended by the abortions he so aggressively champions? What is the difference between the children shot down and the babies aborted? The difference is 6 years and 9 months of age. The child shot is the same child that was conceived. Does President Obama really believe when a baby is born it suddenly becomes a human being? Join me in praying President Obama changes his views.”

“For the Venter who thinks the super rich are carrying the nation’s tax burden. The upper one percent of earners pay a substantial amount because the income tax is based on INCOME. Since they monopolize the nation’s income, their tax payments are large, even though their tax rate is lower than that of other citizens. Now that is not the whole tax story. All of us pay sales taxes and it is brutally regressive. The poorer you are the greater proportion of your miserable wealth do you pay for basic necessities, such as food and clothing. The upper one percent of the wealthy have quite efficiently carved out a system that spares their gains and pass the burden on to the middle and poorer classes.”

“I can see why John Kerry is so attractive to the Democrats for Secretary of State: He married his wealth instead of earning it, speaks French and moors his yacht in Rhode Island to escape paying Massachusetts taxes.”

“Recipe for getting people back to work: HR departments need to start hiring people to help sift through the backlog of applications they’re receiving. It doesn’t matter who you hire, just hire some people, and you can pay them $9 or $10 an hour just like everyone else. Why am I writing this? Because I just got a “Dear Jane” email (i.e. I didn’t get the job) for a position I applied for two months ago! Where did I apply? ASU!”

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