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Letters to editor: May 21

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Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010 6:10 pm

MCCAIN: Where has he been?

After being appointed to the U.S. Senate in 1986, why is John McCain FINALLY (after 24 years) deciding to campaign for wider boarder patrols and a ridiculous fence to stop immigrants from crossing Arizona? How long and high will this fence be Mr. McCain? Will there be observation towers and razor-edge barbed wire rolled along the top? Perhaps Sarah Palin can unveil a blueprint for this new Berlin Wall, and answer more questions on behalf of her dear “Maverick.”

“Tear down this wall Mr. Gorbachev,” former President Reagan declared. Yet, Sen. McCain will rebuild it in America, only to tear down relations between the Mexican government and the United States. Is there another way, I ask?

I’m at a loss for words, for a man who served as Arizona’s senator so long, who stepped outside his capital office, noting in 2010, there is a present concern and danger regarding illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico. Where have you been John McCain? Will you blame President Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton, or, perhaps Gov. Brewer.

Yet, a vote for McCain will bring along Sarah Palin; will both gallop on a white horse with six-shooters and stop border jumping?

Since 1986, what has McCain done? Where has he been? To place public safety in a campaign vault, hanging it over the heads of Arizona citizens in jeopardy, just to secure your re-election, is detrimental to your integrity and public service, more than illegal immigrants crossing into Arizona’s boarder.

Laura Stephen, Mesa

TAXES: Don’t believe propaganda

When are government officials going to stop holding the children of Arizona captive to get a new tax voted in? Where is all the Lottery money that was suppose to go to the schools? They say this sales tax increase is only for three years. They are only kidding. I am almost positive that in three years the state is going to ask the voter for a continuance of this tax and their comment will be “This is not a new tax but a continuance of an old tax, so this really won’t be an increase in taxes.” The people who bought all the propaganda about the schools cutting back this time will probably buy it again in three years and this tax will be on the books forever. The next time the state needs money they will say that the schools are in trouble and use the same scare tactics to get another tax voted in.

Larry Lumsden, Gilbert

IMMIGRATION: Counter boycotts

I urge you to counter the threatened boycotts of Arizona businesses, activities and professional teams. You can counter the boycotts by continuing to patronize local businesses regardless of the race or ethnicity of the owners. You can also counter the boycotts by spending your summer vacation right here in Arizona, even in the hottest areas of the state. Our many fine resorts offer great summer rates and have lots of enjoyable amenities for the whole family. Arizona has numerous lakes, water parks and swimming pools as well. Finally, remember that the Diamondbacks offer $5 tickets, and you cannot beat fun at the old ballpark. Support our businesses and consider a fun summer vacation in Arizona. San Francisco is not so wonderful that we cannot boycott them if they boycott us. Have a wonderful summer right here in Arizona.

Tom Butler, Chandler

IMMIGRATION: Good job, Arizona

Dear Citizens of Arizona:

Thank you for standing tall for your freedoms over immigration! We outside of Arizona do stand beside you. You make us proud!

Don Sattler, formerly of Chandler and Grand Canyon University, now living in Michigan

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