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The Vent: March 7

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Posted: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 10:21 am

“Snowbirds sure think they own the handicapped parking spaces. I had one, at the zoo, tell me to move my car because disabled spots were for old people. I had a placard up and was putting my son in his wheelchair! I told him that being old is not a disability and that his state should stop giving placards to everyone over 50 regardless of their physical abilities.”

“One thing that Sandra Fluke did not learn in her college studies — common sense. Did she really think that by testifying before Congress, she would maintain her anonymity? This is definitely a calculated decision she has been cultivating for years as she is a social justice women’s reproductive activist. She should stop the crocodile tears over the humiliation she has created for herself. Fluke made her bed; now she can lie in it. What is ironic is that Rush Limbaugh has lost a bed manufacturer’s advertising dollars over this brouhaha.”

“I think Sandra Fluke is a typical Lib-Rat trouble-making want-to-be lawyer! I totally agree with what Rush Limbaugh said about her, and I do not think he should have apologized. To coin a phrase: The truth hurts, and this is no Fluke!!”

“The fastest way to get an apology to Sandra Fluke from Rush Limbaugh would be for President Obama to appoint Sandra Fluke head of the FCC. That’s my definition of appropriate.”

“Why anyone would get upset about what a drug addict like Rush Limbaugh says is beyond me. The man is the biggest reason why America’s political discourse is so polarizing. He’s a man who is a failure as a human being but a huge success at spewing hateful rhetoric.”

“The GOP legislature is absolutely brilliant. While portraying themselves as champions for religious freedom they are actually just using religion as a medium to kick in the back door of Obamacare since they haven’t been able to repeal it through the front door.”

“Sheriff Joe’s latest will remind Venters of what they used to say about Ronald Reagan: A fish rots from the head.”

“I am an independent voter. I ask myself how I could tolerate a president who, as a candidate for this office, questions the religious and other beliefs of a sitting president. What has happened to the separation of church and state? How can Santorum make such scurrilous attacks on anyone’s beliefs that are really unknown to him? Also, why does he seem to feel he and his children are entitled to a college education, but the children of others are not?”

“The justice system in this country needs to be examined and changed. More consideration needs to be given to the victims and their families rather than the perpetrator/criminal. The convicted criminal gets much more consideration than his or her victim got. Criminals are getting away with murder when their attorneys claim insanity for their client. Criminals are kept in prisons for years and years while we, the taxpayers, pay for their expenses. Cases are dragged out for years while attorneys try everything in the book to get their convicted client out of jail or off death row. The victims have families and loved ones who suffer too. The victims and their families should be put first instead of the criminals.”

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