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The Vent: April 1

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Posted: Sunday, April 1, 2012 2:12 pm

“I hope the justices overturn Obamacare. If it wasn’t for Obamacare the insurance system would have failed by now. The U.S. is the only country that has the means to provide quality care to all citizens but is denied to tens of millions. It’s asinine.”

“Obama’s health care plan has its origins from a plan the Heritage Foundation helped design and likely GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney put into effect. Similar plans have been endorsed in the past by Republicans like Bob Dole. But, now that Obama is backing the plan, it’s socialism? Strange.”

“I see protesters outside the Supreme Court. If protestors can affect the outcome of a court decision then we need new Supreme Court justices.”

“If Sheriff Joe wants to investigate something in the big game let him investigate the embezzlement of tax dollars in Congress by funneling billions in oil subsidies to the major oil companies. Then, those subsidies are returned to individual congressmen in the form of unlimited campaign contributions. Sheriff Joe can consider this Vent a formal complaint by a Maricopa County citizen.”

“The biggest problem with the ‘imaginary intersection line’ for red light running, is that it makes it legal and sometimes necessary for vehicles to stop in the crosswalk, blocking pedestrians, especially those using wheelchairs, from being able to safely cross the road. HB 2557 will fix this, making our communities more accessible and improving the safety of pedestrians. I hope our legislature gets it right and passes this measure!”

“With gas prices so high and going higher, I have been only buying a half tank of gas in my two cars. If enough owners would do this all the time, I think it could be a silent protest to the big oil people because their sales receipts per station per week would drop in half. Don’t fill-er-up as usual and let’s see what happens.”

“The definition of a liberal: Think of a conservative, and then remove logic and accountability.”

“To the Venter on Sunday who doesn’t like Romney: Just because he chose to serve a church mission in France, keep in mind that Bill Clinton dodged the draft, and he did NOT serve a church mission, so who’d be better for our country? Someone who served his country (by serving his church) or someone who doesn’t know diddly-squat about running a country?”

“When gas prices rise a few cents, local TV news becomes apocalyptic about the way consumers are being scammed, yet reporting on the real estate market they exalt over the ever-rising prices of homes! What makes mere pennies outrageous yet thousands of dollars noble? They claim the recent 1 percent increase in the price of homes is a good thing. So an average home ... costs an extra $2,500, amortized over 30 years, about $6,000. You can buy a whole lot of gas for $6K. How is it that an aging house that costs six grand more today is magically a better deal for Phoenix?”

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