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Letters to the editor: March 6

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Posted: Thursday, March 6, 2008 6:04 pm | Updated: 11:59 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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IRAQ — War drags economy down

We’ve spent more than $495 billion in Iraq. With the economy in the tank, think about what that money could do here at home: Cover millions of kids who don’t have insurance, or help folks who are losing their jobs and homes. Instead, it’s supporting a failed occupation in Iraq.

The recession is going to force states to cut back their budgets. Most likely, the cuts are going to affect the services that working families need and depend on.

Meanwhile, the war is costing Americans more than $338 million a day. That money could be spent to help out the folks who are hurting most now. For less than what we’re spending on the war, we could pay for affordable housing for hundreds of thousands of families, health care for children, or scholarships to help folks pay for education.

Gas prices are close to double what they were before the war began. The cost of oil is hovering around $100 a barrel.

We’re borrowing $343 million every day to finance the war in Iraq. Our skyrocketing debt will be a bigger and bigger drag on the economy — slowing recovery and burdening future generations.

The truth is that economic forecasts are going to continue to be grim as long as we continue to dump billions into a reckless war that has no end in sight.

Joseph Gingell


Blood on Dems’ hands, too

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to spout the same old tired rhetoric about “this is the Bush war,” and “a Democratic president never would have sent our troops into a war unless we were attacked.”

Where were they and their legions of Bush-haters when the Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt sent our troops to Germany where we lost thousands, or Democrat Harry S. Truman sent troops to North Korea where we lost 38,000 in two years, or Democrats John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson sent our troops to Vietnam where we lost 58,000, or Democrat Bill Clinton sent our troops to Bosnia.

We did not have to invade these countries, after all, they were only killing their citizens by the thousands, or millions in Germany.

Obama reels at the thought of keeping troops in Iraq for many years in the future because of this president. Maybe he is too young to remember that we still have troops in all the countries that the Democrat presidents invaded, or maybe that is not a good selling point for his campaign.

The liberal left continues to this day to say that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. They better look over their shoulder because their idols were saying the same thing.

This president’s foreign policy has caused Libya to renounce its WMD program, allowed women to vote for the first time in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afganistan, Kuwait and is on track to finally shut down the North Korea nuclear reactor; it is involved in solving the AIDS crisis in Africa and received thanks from Ireland for support in ending the civil strife there. Still not enough to please me and others, but more than the prior administration ever accomplished.

Harley Hildebrand



Freedom — Misplaced priorities

How is our freedom being “protected” by thousands of young service members being stationed in Iraq? Ours isn’t, and theirs most certainly isn’t. (Neither is the “freedom” of the Iraqis, truth be told.)

Wouldn’t our freedom be better protected if they stayed in the U.S.?

But it seems to me that if the National Guard actually guarded our nation, and the Navy patrolled the seas, and the Air Force patrolled the skies, and the Army and Marine Corps trained (and kept training) for the defense of our country, in case of attack, and to aid our allies (if they are attacked), perhaps then we would feel safe instead of vulnerable. And we are vulnerable, to the point of issuing yellow, orange, or red alerts.

And now I’ll leap (gracefully, of course) onto my soapbox, and offer this: If legislators would enact laws that would actually help Americans instead of enriching the wealthy, we all would be better for it.

And this: Corporations should be honor-bound to keep jobs in America where they belong, so that the employees would pay into Social Security and thus ensure its survival, then maybe Boomers wouldn’t be scared about it.

Ruth Yurich



Tempe election — Navarro is the best choice

As a reader of the Tribune, I appreciate your coverage of the Tempe City Council elections. Of all the candidates currently running for Tempe City Council, Joel Navarro has the unique combination of qualifications that serve to distinguish him as an outstanding choice.

As a captain of a firefighter paramedic unit, Navarro literally saves people’s lives. As someone who personally knows him, I know that he does not expect to be called a hero, because saving people’s lives is simply the man’s job.

Navarro’s qualifications do not end with his firsthand knowledge of public safety issues. He has great integrity, is well educated, and cares for the citizens and families of Tempe.

There is more to Tempe than just the downtown area. Navarro is working to see that all neighborhood areas of Tempe are enhanced, not only the downtown area.

He understands that the Tempe property tax issue is one that will affect Tempe for years to come. Regarding property taxes in these times of tremendous economic uncertainty, there is no simple economic answer on this subject. The issue has to be studied, and the public should be involved.

Tempe needs someone with the intellectual ability, and public safety experience, to address the concerns of the larger community. Tempe does not need another bureaucrat with good intentions, but little real practical hands-on experience. Navarro has this experience and much more. I urge the citizens of Tempe to join me in voting for Joel Navarro for Tempe City Council in the upcoming election.

Mario Martinez



Thank you — Going out like a Lion

As a member of the Apache Junction Lions Club, I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to those who attended our Country Music Variety Show Feb. 15. The rainy and cool weather kept our attendance down. All things considered, we had a good enough turnout, where we can call this show a success.

And so it is, that our Country Music Shows, are history for 2008. We’re already looking at booking the dates for 2009. As a Lions Club, we want to express our appreciation and thanks to the people of the Apache Junction area, for their continued support in this endeavor.

Gary Gjerstad


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