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The Vent: May 4

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Posted: Friday, May 4, 2012 1:04 pm

“Let’s organize a trip to Mexico and demand freebies — other than jail time.”

“Does it seem likely that anytime soon people will learn to stay off of ATVs and away from pit bulls?”

“Had the raid to get Osama bin Laden not been successful, the screams about it being a huge failure (and Obama’s fault) would have been deafening. But now that Obama is trying to get some political traction for the successful raid, the right is saying Obama didn’t have a huge role in the operation.”

“It is a real crack up that people are claiming the death of Osama bin Laden as a huge positive fro Obama. First af all, he did not order the hunt on bin Laden, that was ordered by Bush and secondly any one of us in the U.S. would have given the final kill order. That is like bragging about your last bowel movement.”

“How could it be that everything that went wrong in the first three years of the Obama administration was all President Bush’s fault, but now Obama want all the credit for the killing of bin Laden?”

“I read that Obama has had 124 fundraisers. Does that mean he is going to repay the taxpayers for all the vacations he and his bride have taken at our expense? No, I don’t think so!”

“A politician has to campaign on his accomplishments. If a candidate wants to repeal his only accomplishment as a public servant, it leaves him with only a negative campaign agenda against his opponent, which is just a true measure of his own shortcommings and desparation.”

“I have many friends that are stay-at-home moms, but unlike Ann Romney they don’t have paid help in doing their job. Yes ‘mom’ is a job, and, to me, the most important. Ann Romney had paid help, nannies and other staff to help with house work — cooking, cleaning, etc. You get the picture. So please stop comparing this woman to all stay home momss and dads.”

“The only way we will ever have police officers, FBI agents, secret service agents, politicians and a president worthy of trust and are honest decent people is to have a no tolerance rule. Fix a ticket, sex on duty, take a bribe, steal, lie or cheat in anyway: you are fired. Period!”

“What exactly does one have to do, or be, to be invited to this ‘prestigious’ event? Lindsay Lohan? Let’s go back to the days when Hollywood was located in California, shall we? And be vigilant when voting in the next presidential election.”

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