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The Vent: Feb. 17

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Posted: Friday, February 17, 2012 9:51 am

"So someone thinks Indians live on handouts? Did you study history? The government forced Indians onto that land through treaties of which they broke."

"Alcohol prohibition didn't work and marijuana prohibition is not working either except to provide full government employment for those doing the prohibiting."

"Obama-ites argue that 98 percent of Catholic women use birth control, Palin says 98 percent of Catholic men have vasectomies, 98 percent of doctors recommend Crest, the final study concluded that 98 percent of doctors were gynecologists. Confused? Yes I am."

"Family planning is a basic human right. Women are not free without universal family planning. The cost of the required physical exams plus the method is very expensive. It is unfair to women, who cannot afford family planning, to be forced to bear children they cannot afford. Those who block family planning will then criticize the poor for having too many children. We must support legislation that makes family planning available to all who want it."

"President Obama appears to be taking up interest in the plumbing profession by ensuring that all women get free health insurance relating to birth control pills, abortion-producing drugs and sterilization coverage. I suggest if he wishes to pander to women for votes, he make it equal opportunity and provide all men free health insurance for vasectomies, something a professional plumber would never overlook. Ouch!"

"Maybe it would be easier on Obama if he just told us the few parts of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution he will defend. He is against freedom of the press, he is against freedom of speech, he is against the right to bear arms, he is against the right of protection from unreasonable search and seizure. I say he is against these rights, however, he is for them when it suits him."

"Wow! Can't wait to have Mitt Romney in town. Maybe he can offer some Bain Capital-type pointers to Mesa Public Schools, like maybe getting rid of more hourly middle class employees and hiring more administration-type people. I've heard he is a real hard core ULTRA CONSERVATIVE. He says government is top heavy, so if he would promote more administration in Mesa Public Schools at the expense of the foot soldiers that keep the schools running, that will be right up his political alley. Would it be possible to move the state pension fund to the Cayman Islands? Just asking."

"Whitney Houston: A has-been, alcoholic, drug addict and active participant in domestic violence, found dead in a hotel bathtub. Can someone tell me why Hollywood and the media afford such individuals the celebrity she's receiving at death? Once a great singer and entertainer -- that was the time for recognition and kudos. Now, on with the fame for up-and-comers who, unfortunately, also have high odds of pouring themselves into the gutter with the disease of ‘fame.'"


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