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The Vent: July 25

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Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 6:51 am

“Here’s a challenge to Obama and Romney: Tell us what YOU are going to do to help this country and not what the other guy isn’t going to do!”

“Why is it that 12 or more people can be killed from black-on-black crime in Chicago, but the cable news media could care less. But, if a white guy in a SWAT suit kills 12 people in a movie theater (I guess in a movie theater is an important place to die), this is big Fox News alert-type news all day. Fox News made fools out of themselves Friday. They kept repeating the same crap every 15 minutes all day. The only good thing about the Aurora killings was, I didn’t have to listen about how Sean Hannity cares about George Zimmerman’s innocence, and I didn’t have to listen to Obama lie to a group of brain-dead people cheering him on during another canned speech.”

“Well as you might expect, the loser Left tries to cash in on the grief of the tragedy in Aurora, CO. Why do they think that taking the guns away from law abiding citizens will create Utopian safety? Remember: An armed man is a citizen; an unarmed man is a subject!”

“I am going to double my visits to Chick-Fil-A. The recent response is more proof liberals don’t believe in the 1st Amendment (unless it is favorable to them).”

“Rep. Michele Bachmann has the respect of Christine O’Donnell now that she has dabbled in witch hunts.”

“To the Friday Vent that claims our taxes have gone up for three years: In fact, income and payroll taxes were lowered in Obama’s first month and are at the lowest rates since 1950. Look at your paychecks and 1040 forms. Additional tax breaks for small business have been blocked by Republicans. The upcoming big tax increase is the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Obama and the Democrats are trying to get these extended for all of us except millionaires while Republicans are fighting only for the super-wealthy. So, which voters are you calling idiots now?”

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