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The Vent: Feb. 26

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Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2012 11:32 am | Updated: 10:49 pm, Sun Feb 26, 2012.

“‘You get to ask the questions you want. I get to give the answers I want.’ That quote could have come from the current U.S. President, not a GOP candidate attempting to be open.”

“As my teenage daughter observed, what happened at the Mesa Arts Center last night was not a ‘debate’ — a thoughtful, civil exchange of opposing ideas. It was more like ‘Midnight at the Apollo.’ I agree!”

“If the uniformed voters of Arizona want to know what kind of president Mitt Romney would be, just look at the past history of Brigham Young, the ‘mountain meadow massacre,’ and how they amass their fortunes. Their history of murder, mutilation and dishonesty tells you much of why Romney is worth $192 million, (but only one wife that we know about). Where is FDR or Harry Truman when we really need them!”

So, the venter who was asked to provide specific proof for the charge that President Obama violates Americans’ constitutional rights takes the stance that ‘if you don’t know, then I won’t tell you’? Oh, PLEASE — educate us! Ad hominem attacks are so unbecoming of you — especially in such an anonymous forum as this is!”

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Afghanistan, don’t burn the Quran, unless of course you’re on the way out! Stupid is as stupid does. Let’s put Forrest Gump in charge! He ain’t that dumb!”

“Arizona has enough crazies carrying guns without allowing students the freedom to carry guns on campus. These guns will not stay on campus; they will also end up in bars and off campus. We all know guns and booze don’t mix. Many parents will not allow their loved ones to attend colleges that allow guns. There will be many lawsuits if a student is killed. In the end, Arizona will lose. Is it really worth it?”

“Democrat billionaire investor Warren Buffett called for President Obama to get those with incomes of $1 million or more a year to pay more taxes. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie then said: ‘He should just write a check and shut up.’”

“Here we go again, Iran sending gas prices through the roof. It is not Iran it is the oil companies, the greed of the oil market, any excuse to control the world and put huge profits in their owner pockets. There is no oil shortage. The only way to stop this is to break up the powerful oil companies or replace the need of oil for transportation. One substitute would be geothermal hydrogen. The oil companies will destroy the world economy if we continue to allow them to control our economy.”

“I just read last week that General Motors is once again the world’s largest auto maker and GM recorded its best profit ever. As an American, I am proud of that. It is too bad that kind of pride in the USA is not more evident. Go USA!”

“It’s a miracle that any of the school budget even gets to the students. What with the teachers’ unions taking away a huge amount for their ‘caviar’ pensions and ‘Cadillac’ health care benefits. The school district ‘big-shots’ siphon off $100,000-$200,000 a year with ‘golden parachute’ retirements. The illegal alien (mostly from Mexico) students costing $7,670 per school year (grades 1-12 = $92,040 per student). Little Johnny and Little Jill are lucky to get a new box of crayons out of all the liberal/progressive/Democrat giveaways.”

“Our counterproductive drug prohibition policies give marijuana users, sellers and distributors no legal recourse to settle their disputes with each other — so they resort to violence, just like alcohol users, sellers and distributors did when alcohol was illegal.”

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