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The Vent: May 16

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Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 12:02 pm

“Come on people, wake up! Get off your cell phones and drive! You think you are driving just as good as you would if you were not texting or talking while driving. Well, you are not! You are distracted and your reaction time is decreased because your eyes are not on the road. You drive under the speed limit because you are distracted, you make stupid moves because you are distracted. There is nothing that cannot wait until you are parked, and that does not mean at a stop light! Nothing in life is so important that you are willing to take your own life or that of another because your BFF texted you and you just had to answer right away, or OMG they might think you are ignoring them! Shut up and drive!”

“We have laws against almost everything except breathing. If Obamacare gets fully implemented they will tell us when to stop breathing. The cost of keeping us old geezers alive will be unaffordable.”

“Our leadership is wise beyond it’s years, so don’t worry about an apocalypse on Dec. 21. The Mayan calander was created by a far left Mayan ideology, the whole civilization colapsed when the far right defunded the calender program.”

“Well Folks, the Obama re-election Campaign has officially started. All of those trips on Air Force One at $180,000 per hour were supposedly related to Mr. Obama’s job as POTUS (or PUTZ as he is know in other quarters). ‘Hope and Change’ were Mr. Obama’s old motto in 2008 but now in 2012 his new Campaign Motto is ‘Fear and Loathing.’ What a difference three years in the White House will do (well at least two days a week in the Oval Office, that is).”

“The media question of the day has been: ‘Have race relations improved during the Obama administration?’ I think not. If anything, they’ve deteriorated. The Obamas have corroborated, to say it with political correctness in ‘their’ terms, ‘It is what it is.’; leopards don’t change their spots.”

“So now Romney has progressed from ‘Of course I would have ordered the Bin Laden hit’ to ‘Of course, Obama followed my advice in saving the auto industry.’ Who would have guessed that his ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ reset would mean that he gets to rewrite history and try to erase the voters’ memories? I would hope that Americans are smart enough to realize that Mitt Romney will say or do anything to be president!”

“I think we can all agree that what is happening in Europe is proof that the economic system Obama wishes for the U.S. is not sustainable.”

“How many of the guns recovered in Mexico originating from the U.S. get there through official U.S. Federal government approved export programs? Example, guns sold to the Mexican army and subsequently stolen, or supplied by the ATF via programs like ‘Fast and Furious’. Also, why is Obama threatening to veto a part of the congressional budget because it bans Fast and Furious type programs? Is he looking to reinstate exporting weapons to drug cartels?”

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