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Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2007 5:30 am | Updated: 5:35 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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California fires

Plenty of Guard to help

Your editor needs to do a better job of screening the leftist propaganda mindlessly printed in the Vent. Case in point is the insinuation in Thursday’s Vent that there are not enough National Guardsmen available to assist in the firefighting efforts in California.

This question was researched and reported by Fox News on “The O’Reilly Factor.” It turns out there are 2,000 California Guardsmen currently deployed in Iraq. There are 17,000 more California Guardsmen available to be called up by the governor if he needs them.

Also, it has been stated by many senior officials that the level of communication and cooperation between all levels of government has been exceptional as a result of experience gained during Hurricane Katrina.

Please don’t let the Vent become an extension of MoveOn.org.

Frank dobler


Law enforcement

Take away their toys

It would appear our “top three law enforcement officials” (Terry Goddard, Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio) have all crashed their tricycles at the same spot. Their mamas should give each one of them a big stick and lock them all in the backyard for a day! How long is this childish, uncontrolled fighting to go on? For what purpose? Politics, and politicians, keep getting further out of line — and the taxpayers pay big time for their petty squabbles. Enough is enough!

Chuck bowman



Simply carried too far

I would like to weigh in on Al Gore’s Nobel Peace prize and environmentalism in general. Let me say environmentalism is not all bad. The cleanup of the air and water, etc., since the 1970s has been a phenomenal good. Unfortunately, like anything that the government becomes involved in, it has been carried to extremes. Lately, it has taken on the trappings of a very intolerant religion, compete with inquisitions for those who do not believe in man-caused global warming. Many policy mistakes have been committed in the name of overzealous environmentalism. Let me list a few:

• Hundreds of thousands of people have needlessly died of insect-borne diseases since Rachel Carson wrote her misguided and factually untrue book, “Silent Spring,” which resulted in the banning of the use of DDT in much of the world.

• The flooding of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina occurred because some environmental group sued the Army Corps of Engineers to prevent the building of an adequate flood-control system.

• The builders of the World Trade Center were prevented from coating the steel structure of the buildings with asbestos, which may well have prevented their collapse, had it been done.

• We have the extremely absurd and fundamentally immoral situation in which the federal government, instead of facilitating the responsible exploitation of abundant natural resources to create energy, has opted for the use of corn to make motor fuel — literally putting food into gas tanks. This is stupid in the extreme!

Richard ward



Kids must want it

I am responding to the Oct. 18 Tribune article concerning educating the children of Guadalupe. I previously lived in an area that had a number of Chinese families. They have found a way to educate their children in their language and traditions by creating classes for them to take in their community, after school and on Saturdays. They can then control what their children learn and not have to rely on an outside culture to maintain their own traditions. Maybe the Guadalupe community would want to open a private school or charter school. They could then create the exact experience they want for their young people.

The high dropout rate at the high school level is always frustrating to those who make genuine efforts to get children to school and help them get a decent education. The opportunity is always there for everyone. Unfortunately, no one can force someone to care or be motivated. If, for whatever reason, an education is not a priority to a high school student, no amount of begging and pleading on the part of the adults around him is going to make a difference. Ultimately, they have to want it themselves.

Kathy Wilson


Homeopathic medicine

Keep licensing board

The Tribune provides its readers with a vast array of information and opinion in its pages. So, I was quite surprised to see no information regarding the state Legislature’s upcoming vote regarding the continuation of the Arizona Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners. Homeopathic physicians provide an alternative to the regular allopathic type of medicine and should be overseen by a licensing board that covers what they know and do.

Homeopathy and alternative medicine practices have benefited me and others I know. I want to see this choice in medicine continue in Arizona and have access to it. Without the Homeopathic Licensing Board, the alternative treatments would start to disappear because conventional doctors may not have the knowledge and/or beliefs in the different effective treatments.

If you would like the opportunity for choice in medicine you might phone, write a letter or an e-mail no later than Nov. 6 to the members of the state Senate and House health committees.

Betty sheets



The real nuclear option

Tell me this. We know Iran only has missile capability of 1,200 miles. The only damage they could do with nuclear weapons is in their own region, the Middle East. The only other country it might be capable of reaching that’s not Islamic is Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin, says Iran will get its plutonium from Russia.

So we let Iran go nuclear. For the time being (until they can get longer range missiles), they do not threaten the shores of the United States.

I know Iran is out to destroy Israel. So if Iran attacks Israel with nuclear weapons, what’s wrong with the Middle East being turned into a parking lot? Nothing, as far as I’m concerned. They will destroy each other and with it goes Iran’s nuclear facilities. I don’t feel they could threaten the U.S. for decades after what could happen over there.

And with Russia now siding with Iran, if we launched a military attack on Iran over this, I can see it definitely being a big mistake that could indeed start a World War!

I’m not the brightest star in the sky, but I’m also not the only one thinking this could happen.

It’s definitely time to get rid of George W. Bush before our lame duck president makes such a tragic mistake.

Ron Wilhelm


Mesa arts center

An impressive evening

I recently had occasion to be entertained at the Mesa Arts Center — I was really impressed with the easy flow of traffic (it was an evening performance) and the ambience of the theater is wonderful. I believe volunteers help serve as ushers, etc. They were very polite and helpful.

I would suggest, however the outside lighting be enhanced since the stone pattern at night suggests an uneven sidewalk — which is not the actual situation but the shadows make it appear as such (to those of us with poor vision). It is a beautiful setting and enjoyed the sound of the water splashing on the rocks in the concrete waterways near the side of the building.

All in all — was very pleased with this addition to Mesa and would heartily recommend it; to me a live performance is most enjoyable.

Peggy Tabor


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