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Letters to editor April 28: Immigration

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Posted: Thursday, April 29, 2010 2:26 pm | Updated: 3:36 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

Law sends the wrong message

Stay away! We didn’t just send that message to illegal aliens; we sent it to tourists and vacationers around the world. Twice in the last week Arizona has made international headlines, not because we have the best schools or the healthiest population. It’s because we’ve been jolted back in time to the embarrassing days of Evan Mecham or worse, the OK corral. History has taught us nothing and we’ve shown no growth since Arizona’s days of standout racism and gun craziness. Who didn’t raise an eyebrow of doubt about our sanity when we said it was OK to mix guns and alcohol? And now we’ve confirmed to the entire world that our integrity is gone when we allow people with no training, background checks or licenses to carry concealed weapons (sure, make law enforcement’s job even tougher) while trashing the constitution with a hyper paranoia stance on illegal aliens. There is no surer way to stop the flow of domestic and international tourism that we desperately need than to make Arizona a really scary place to be.

Salli Nelson, Mesa

Some board games are absurd

A few colleagues of mine decided, with the recent passage of Senate Bill 1070, that we should develop and sell a board game called “Where’s the Illegal?” Similar to the game “Where’s Waldo?” our game would have lots of pictures of brown faces in a number of situations. The goal of the game would be to find the “illegals” among the many brown faces, many which would of course be Mexican-Americans like me. The one that finds the most “illegals” can win up to three places. First place gets to be none other than Gov. Jan Brewer. Second place gets to be Sen. Russell Pearce. Third place would be reserved for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpio. He would have been first place, but now that this new law has been signed by the governor, he’s been relegated to third. As absurd as this seems, so is the passage of this most recent legislation. I’m thinking, in this state, I can probably make millions.

David Luna, Mesa

Step is necessary

It is truly sad that we must regress our society to European standards by requiring people to carry proof of citizenship or legal immigration status. Nonetheless, I applaud the Arizona Legislature and Governor Brewer for taking this distasteful, but necessary step. It was a function of political courage which enhances my pride for this state.

Year after year, we have waited futilely for the federal government to erect a defense for us against an invasive flow of criminals, drug smugglers, gunmen, gangsters and other trespassers. Our crime rates have soared; our hospitals and clinics are flooded with clients who have no intention of paying for their service; merchants are plagued by day workers invading their premises in search of work and driving off paying customers; our schools are crowded with non-paying consumers; and our state finances have become a crisis.

No relief is going to come from our Big Brother in Washington, and that leaves us with the traditional American response to trouble — we’ll take care of our own problems. I have never been prouder of Arizona. I hope more states follow our lead.

Don Carsten, Gilbert

State picking up slack

I offer three thoughts on the immigration law.

I am pleased that Gov. Brewer chose to sign the immigration bill. It confirms that she is capable of making “hard” decisions. The political way would have been to allow the bill to pass into law without her confirmation. She could then have made political hay on both sides! I am now willing to give more weight to her opinion on other matters.

As for this law, it provides that the local police can legally ask an inhabitant their citizenship status. I don’t understand why there is so much protest; especially from you who support the direction President Obama is leading our country. He wants us to be more like European countries, doesn’t he? Well, over there, many people must always carry their citizenship papers because they live less than an hour from an international border. We who live in Arizona are near such a border, and carrying our “papers” should be the norm. And think of this: Arizona is ahead of the curve. You should be proud to live in such a progressive state!

The only trouble is, with more invasion of government into our lives, we lose the privacy to do whatever we wish without Big Brother monitoring our actions. It is only too bad that our state government has to pick up the federal government’s slack.

Patrick Shepherd, Gilbert

Good job, Gov. Brewer

Bravo Governor, Bravo! We here in Florida support your wisdom, courage and leadership is taking a firm stand against illegal immigration!

Keep up the good work. Fight the good fight against illegal immigration, and all things illegal! We are proud of you.

Russ and Lee Taylor, Indialantic, Fla.

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