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The Vent: Jan. 17

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Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 10:05 am

"Hey, San Tan Brewery, you can come over to my house and brew all you want!"

"To the venter who likes Joe's hospitality: Did you also enjoy his misappropriation of nearly one hundred million dollars, or his disregarding cases?"

"I think members of Congress should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers do - so we could identify their corporate sponsors."

"What do you call Tucson classes that promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, encourage resentment toward a race or class of people, and are designed solely for students of a certain ethnic background? I thought it would be Ku Klux Klan 101, but Tucson calls it Mexican-American studies."

"It seems to me that the legalization of marijuana is about freedom. The freedom to be left alone in the privacy of our own homes. The freedom for adult citizens to pursue their own happiness any way they want as long as they are not harming somebody else."

"The Wall Street bankers are mostly Democrats. The wealthy Hollywood celebrities are mostly Democrats. So why do they all keep insisting that the Republicans are the party of the rich?"

"Jonathan Butcher's assertion that we can get better scholastic achievement without spending an extra cent is wishful thinking in the extreme. Education has always been a stepchild for the state and school achievement has always been below average. Increases in funding in the last decade were due more to accommodate inflows of population rather than improved teaching. Current efforts at education reform at the state level are aimed at sidestepping the key issue of improving the public school system and are aimed at appearing to address Arizona's achievement deficit on the cheap. Let's not kid ourselves: Skimping on education is a fool's game."

"We know that dead people vote on a regualar basis. If dead people did not vote, Democrats would never get elected."

"iWish I may, iWish I might, iWish the city of Mesa would create that ‘trendsetting community' by making every business, big or small, remove all the illegal advertising that currently makes Mesa look cheap. The number of illegal A-frames, feather flags, banners, and bandit signs is mind-boggling. Mr. Mayor, tell those businesses to tear down the blight, not just downtown or around the Fiesta District, but all over Mesa."

"Flash: The Obama (Department of Justice) is investigating Sheriff Arpaio for providing all illegal alien homeless persons a one-way ticket back home. The funding apparently was provided by Chicanos Por La Casa, which has been found to be a conflict of interest on the part of the Hispanic outreach group. Tee hee."

"While we ‘diplomatically' try to talk Iran down from creating nuclear weapons, their top nuclear scientist was mysteriously car bombed this week by two men on a motorcycle. This was the third time, in the last few years no less, that their nuclear program was ‘hit' by the same actions. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied any involvement in said actions. Yes, talk is cheap."


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