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Letters to editor: May 16

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Posted: Sunday, May 16, 2010 5:09 pm | Updated: 3:22 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

IMMIGRATION: Ariz. needs new leadership

The boycotts of our state are mounting. The losses our state is going to suffer will be in the millions. Our elected officials are getting exactly what they deserve. How to explain the big loss of revenue we depend on is now gone elsewhere? I commend the Los Angeles City Council for voting to boycott all future business with Arizona.

SB 1070, the elected officials and the governor have created a big hole for all of us in Arizona. This bill was not the answer to the immigration problem. We have now been put in such a bad light because of the lawmakers’ decision. The best way to make these lawmakers pay is vote them all out of office. All working Hispanics should plan a national strike.

John Chiazza, Gilbert

IMMIGRATION: Time to cut losses, repeal

If you’ve every played cards with friends, or perhaps in one of our Arizona casinos, or maybe even in Las Vegas, you probably held on to a losing hand for too long. Your head told you to fold and to cut your losses, but your heart was stubborn and told you to keep betting on that inevitably hopeless hand.

I’m very fearful that our governor and GOP legislators are holding on to a losing hand relative to senate Bill 1070. While the initial goal of SB 1070 may have been laudable, the economic chaos that it is creating in our state makes it a candidate for being “folded,” i.e., repealed. Let’s cut our losses, repeal SB 1070, hand over immigration reform to the federal government and extricate ourselves from a scenario that portends financial suicide.

The governor and the state GOP legislators have fought the good fight, they brought much-needed publicity about immigration reform to the forefront and they highlighted the federal government’s tepid response to our border crisis.

Now is the time to take a step back, breathe deeply, applaud and appreciate the effort expended and realize that a return to “normalcy” is the best victory that can be gained from SB 1070 at this point in time.

In other words, to paraphrase Kenny Rogers, it’s time to fold ‘em!

Richard K. Meszar, Mesa

TAXES: Stop wasting money

Janet Brandon (Letters, May 9) wants to know why we are willing to give generously to the people of Haiti, but refuse to contribute more to the “War on Poverty” in our backyard. She says we lack compassion.

When President Lyndon Johnson launched that war, there were 36 million people living in poverty. Now there are 37 million!

As a nation we are a generous lot but there are limits to our largesse. Billions of our tax dollars are wasted with little evidence of improvement.

You cannot expect a payoff without requiring a return on your investment. By failing to require accountability for those who feed at the public trough, we reap a bushel of unwanted consequences. Never, in 13 years of working with thousands taking a public handout, have I heard one expression of gratitude for what they receive.

I know there are circumstances beyond the control of some that require a helping hand. I also know that poor decision making by many results in bad outcomes. Should taxpayers be required to provide their needs for the rest of their lives?

Here are two suggestions: For all, there should be no welfare check until they pass a drug test and for all but the most disabled no check until they produce a paycheck stub. This may mean picking lettuce, washing dishes or cars, making beds or joining a litter pickup crew but in the end we will make them better people and have fewer societal problems by requiring productivity.

One thing is certain. The 53 percent of us who pay taxes don’t think the system’s working well when welfare claims 40 percent of the state budget and all we have to show for our investment is generation after generation on the dole.

Denis Ashton, Gilbert

SUPREME COURT: Kagan a good choice

The nomination of Elena Kagan for the United States Supreme Court is something President Obama should be commended for. As a legal scholar with experience in academia, the White House, the Solicitor General’s office and the private sector, Elena Kagan has a broad base of knowledge that will serve her well if she is confirmed as the next justice of the Supreme Court.

As a volunteer for Organizing for America in Arizona, I wholeheartedly support Solicitor General Kagan’s nomination, and believe all Arizonans should as well. Elena Kagan is a smart, honest and experienced woman, and is exactly who we need on the nation’s highest court.

Claudia Schulz, Phoenix

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